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Wargaming’s support for eSports and its current title, World of Tanks continues with the recent announcement of their regional tournament, Tanks Asia Open Season. The Season based tournament which will consist of online tournaments coupled with national qualifiers in each participating country. These tournaments will eventually lead up to the Wargaming.net Global League.

Tanks Asia Open Season’s first season will begin in mid April till June, with a starting prize pool of USD100,000 according to GOMTV.net, which will be casting the online tournament. This comes right after their recent announcement of their USD2.5 million Wargaming.net Global League. Now, that’s a lot of money. There have been loads of rumors going around about certain professional players from other games jumping ship as well, way before the release of World of Warships too, no less. While that joke is probably THE lamest one I’ve developed yet, don’t be surprised to see former Starcraft II players and MMO guilds appear in World of Tanks.

Image source: GOMTV.net

 Is it too late to start?

During the Wargaming.net press luncheon on 19 March 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, key members of the Singapore and Malaysian Wargaming.net team revealed their plans for this region, beginning with the Tanks Asia Open Season and continuing with an in-depth look at the structure of the tournament and how they intend to support community growth. There was mention that local tournaments will begin with an assessment tournament, where teams will eventually be divided into tiers, depending on their skill for the tournaments and leagues. Very much like your football (or sissy version of the word: ‘Soccer’) league, with different divisions and a premier league. Each tier will have different rewards, with the premier having access to a larger prize pool or more lucrative prizes. This system was applied before in other communities and has seen success; however, it’s known to be tedious to manage.

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But as a player, you’d have the opportunity to play with players within your skill level, advance to higher tiers once you’re better and win more as you progress. It was also mentioned that the intended prize pool for SEA would be USD300,000 – we can only assume that the Tanks Asia Open Season will run for 3 seasons till year’s end, following up to a national finals and a global finals at the end of the year. However, until they official release details, there isn’t much else we can share.

I’m interested, where do I go?

Well, you can first download the game over to the official World of Tanks website. Besides that, you’d be joining the rest of SEA players in the SEA servers. For the national tournaments, teams must consist of players with the same nationality, as they will eventually represent their countries if they win.

For more information on tournaments, leagues and wargaming.net related items, visit wargaming.net.

For more information on World of Tanks specific items, visit worldoftanks.com

Image Source: GOMTV.net, worldoftanks.com


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