Xiaomi’s latest 20,000mAh powerbank is powerful enough to charge a MacBook

Apart for making kick-ass (and some uber affordable) smartphones, China’s Xiaomi has a massive ecosystem of accessories and other product. Especially popular is its powerbanks. Its latest offering – the Mi Power Bank 3 boasts a massive 20,000mAh capacity and other nifty features, for a wallet-friendly price.

The power-packed accessory supports two-way USB Type-C (input and output), up to 45W. This means it’s powerful enough to charge up an Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and other USB-C-enabled notebooks like Lenovo ThinkPad.

With a supported cable, the powerbank will be able to fast charge compatible phones from zero to full capacity in less than an hour.

Using a conventional 10W charger, it will take approximately 11 hours to charge up the 20,000mAh battery capacity. However, if you have a 45W power brick, charge time will be slashed to around 4.5 hours.

The powerbank also offers two USB Type-A output ports rated at 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A if only one port is used. Output is 5V/3A if both ports are used simultaneously.

Another nifty feature is pass-through charging, which is especially handy if you want to leave the powerbank plugged in overnight. You can connect other devices to it and it will charge them first before filling itself up.

The Mi Power Bank 3 was listed for pre-sale on Xiaomi’s T-Mall but later removed.

It was listed for CNY199 (MYR120) which is incredibly affordable for what it offers.

Will it hit Malaysian shores soon? Let’s hope it does.

Source: Android Police VIA SoyaCincau

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