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Why your next TV should be a Netflix Recommended TV

If you’re a binge-watcher and you’re in the market for a new TV, what are the things you look out for? Do you look for the biggest you can find? The best resolution? The best sound? Or perhaps the cheapest? There’s one easy way: pick a Netflix Recommended TV. Here’s why.

First, let’s look at the fundamental requirements one would look at when considering a TV.

I would first consider the size of the display. Is 55 inches big enough? Maybe 60 inches is better? With baseline sizes getting bigger, it’s almost unheard of to buy anything below 32-40 inches nowadays. Pick what suits your environment.

LED, OLED or QLED? Regardless of the display panel technology, the TV you pick should at least support Ultra HD (4K) resolution and HDR (high dynamic range). This ensures you get the best viewing experience, contrast, more vibrant colours and futureproofs your investment.

Smart TVs are pretty common nowadays, so it would be wise to pick one that’s not just one dumb box. It will get you online and let you easily stream your favourite content, including Netflix and you can even install apps, too.

Netflix Recommended TVs have a dedicated Netflix button on the remote, just as some have a Google Play button too. This gives you one click access to your favourite TV series and movies on Netflix and more.

The great thing about these recommended TVs are that they remember where you left off the last time you turned the TV off.

Some of the latest TVs like the Sony Bravia A1 Series have beautiful audio built in, or come with an optional soundbar like the LG W8 4K UHD TV or Samsung’s Q Series.

Netflix has expanded its range of recommended TVs to include a wide array of 2018 4K UHD TVs with webOS 4.0 from LG and Sony’s 2018 Android TV-powered W800F series. There will be more to come.

These join last year’s crop of 4K UHD TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony.

Note that availability of Netflix Recommended TVs varies based on market and not all models will be available in all regions.

When you see a Netflix Recommended TV logo, it means the TV has passed a rigorous evaluation process. The criteria and designations evolve over time to include the best new TVs for using Netflix and other internet TV services.

For 2018, the Netflix Recommended TV certification requires a Smart TV to must have met at least five out of seven following criteria:

  • TV instant on – the TV starts up instantly and apps are ready to use right away
  • Fast app launch – Netflix app always launches quickly
  • Netflix button – dedicated Netflix button on the remote control
  • Easy Netflix icon access – Netflix app is easy to access and launch from the TV menu
  • TV resume – the TV remembers what you were doing and continues where you left off
  • High-res Netflix interface – browse in 1080p resolution with crisp text and clearer images
  • Latest Netflix version

Source: Netflix blog

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