What type of mom are you?

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Every mother in the world has her own special way of doing things, her own set of rules, her own idiosyncrasies. But I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this: Moms are superwomen. They’re amazing.

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he created mothers.” – Rudyard Kipling

So, anyone can have kids, but what kind of mom will you be, or are?

As you may know, Netflix has a ton of content, and it keeps growing. There’s also plenty for moms to enjoy–after all, she deserves a break to catch up with her favourite TV series or movie.

And by the way, the mom-loving people at Netflix have come up with a quiz especially for moms out there.

Netflix House of Cards

Check this out:

Your son comes home crying after school, claiming he’s being name called and bullied by the kids in his class. Do you:

  • Tell your son to brush it off and keep his cool, walk into class with his head held high and to never stoop down to their level (The Classy Mom)
  • Ask for the list of names they called him and crack jokes about it with your son (The Comedy Mom)
  • Obviously take it into your own hands! You secretly break into school and spread Super Glue on their seats and tables (The Super Hero Mom)
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Despite your busy schedule, you’ve managed to perfectly plan a nice weekend with your spouse and kids – everything from where to go and what to eat, but alas, one of your kids suddenly comes down with the flu. How would you react?

  • It doesn’t bother you cos you’ve got a Plan B in place, of course! (The Perfectionist Mom)
  • You forget all about this misfortune and let the kids go off to do their thing that day (The Well-Balanced Mom)
  • You round up your troop (who’s left of it) and go get ice cream instead! (The Happy Mom)

It’s the day before your daughter’s final exam paper. Do you:

  • Confiscate her phone away, tell her she’s grounded for the rest of day and lock her in her room with just her books to keep her company (The Tiger Mom)
  • Share a de-stress moment by treating her out for a movie because there’s no point trying to squeeze in any more information at the last minute, anyway! (The Hippy-Artsy Mom)

The kids are away for the school holidays. Finally, an alone weekend with your husband! How would you like to spend this moment?

  • Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at home to spend Q* time with the hubby (TheRomantic Mom)
  • Call in for pizza, pull down the curtains and binge-watch all your favorite horror movies that both you and your husband missed out on, and enjoy a cuddle-fest (The Horror-Loving Mom)
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Netflix Santa Clara

Here are some Netflix Mom types and shows:

  1. The Perfectionist Mom – Riverdale (Alice Cooper)
  2. The Tiger Mom – House of Cards (Claire Underwood)
  3. Happy Mom – Fuller House (Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis)
  4. Hippy-Artsy Mom – Grace & Frankie (Frankie)
  5. The Horror-loving Mom – Santa Clarita’s Diet (Sheila Hammond)
  6. The Classic Mom – The Crown (Queen Elizabeth II)
  7. The Super Hero Mom – Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
  8. The Well-Balanced Mom – The Good Wife (Alicia Florrick)
  9. The Comedy Mom – Life as We Know It (Holly Berenson)
  10. The Romantic Mom – It’s Complicated (Jane Adler)

Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful mothers out there!

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