7 fondest memories of Hari Raya

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After a month of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, Hari Raya looms. I love Raya, I look forward to it every year. Of course, Raya means different things to different people, but in essence, it’s always about forgiveness, sharing and spending quality time with family (OK, OK, the food and main mercun also).

I’m lucky to have a Muhibbah family and I’ve always had fond memories of Raya. From watching my makciks making kuih and gaul rendang, to main bunga api with cousins.

Here are 7 fondest memories of Hari Raya, from the old days, or at least when we were “younger.” These are contributed by webe, but resonate with me the same way.

Memory #1 – The Food

My aunt’s famous beef rendang (best in the world!), lontong, kuah kacang and ayam masak merah are always highlights at the table. Forget diets or calorie-counting. Life is about happiness and experiences. As if not enough, there’s her astonishingly good sago Gula Melaka and addictive ovaltine cookies.

I really need to stop here, my keyboard is getting wet.

Memory #2 – Playing Games

Congkak, Dam Haji, Batu Tujuh, Galah Panjang… all-time favourites! Sure beats this generation’s “face-glued-to-small-screens” activities!

Memory #3 – Gila Bola???

We’re older now, so now more football or sepak takraw or running around playing “catching.” Even without a ball, there was always some sort of game conjured up to keep us occupied.

Memory #4 – Of Panjut Pelita and Bunga Api

Do you remember the smell of minyak tanah (kerosene) on the eve of Hari Raya? Coming from a string of Panjut Pelita (kerosene-fueled tea lights made from small stubs of bamboo) hung on wooden stands.

Let’s not forget bunga api and mercun, which is always a staple part of celebrations.

Memory #5 – The Family Interviews

“Bila nak kahwin ni?” (When are you getting married?). “Haaaa, dah kahwin tu, bila nak beranak?” (Now that you’re married, when are you having kids?). “Or, wow awak dah sihat eh???” (Wow, you’ve gone fat!) There will always be a barrage of questions, baffled (and sometimes annoyed) looks and the clever deflects.

Memory #6 – Duit Raya

An essential part of Raya celebrations is duit raya. While I don’t get them, my cousins certainly look forward to receiving them. The green packets are a novelty, but with the advent of technology, we can even send/receive e-duit raya via the internet!

Memory #7 – Reflections of Aidilfitri

I think webe summarises it perfectly. Aidilfitri is about reflections of the moral values in life, and the act of forgiveness. Let’s always be reminded of the importance of bonds with precious ones, whether at work, home or in our own kampung or taman.

Stay connected with our loved ones no matter near or far, and enjoy this blessed celebration.

Oh, as a tip for Raya – activate LTE on your mobile device for faster internet J. Don’t forget to share all the yummy food and Raya selfies on Instagram.

For those on the road, drive safe!

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