Unifi Mobile offers 30 days unlimited 4G LTE data for MYR55

In conjunction with Deepavali celebrations this week, unifi Mobile is offering a 30-day unlimited 4G LTE data deal for just MYR55 on its #BEBAS prepaid plan. The promo is valid from 4-10 November 2018.

Here are a couple of things to note.

Firstly, unifi Mobile offers 3G and 4G LTE coverage. “High Speed” 3G coverage is through a RAN-sharing agreement with Celcom, while LTE is via its own LTE network.

The 30-day unlimited data pass offer is valid for LTE areas, so if you’re outside of LTE coverage you’ll be using “High Speed” 3G data which will cost extra when depleted.

High speed data can cost anywhere from MYR15 for 2GB (1GB 3G/LTE + 1GB LTE only), up to MYR50 for 8GB (4GB 3G/LTE + 4GB LTE only).

For a user, it’s a little confusing, I know, since one will need to ascertain if he’s within LTE coverage or otherwise. It would have been better if unifi Mobile just offer the deal across 3G/LTE coverage for a better customer experience. Also, unifi Mobile’s LTE coverage isn’t great yet, so you’ll have limited areas to use your unlimited data.

Nevertheless, unifi Mobile is an alternative to the usual suspects and as sort of a hybrid digital, prepaid-postpaid type plan, it can give competitors like ookyo, tapp and Yoodo a run for their money.

What’s also great is its #kredittakmati feature – where your prepaid credit never expires. As long as your line is active, and this could be as simple as making one call, sending an SMS or using data), you won’t need to top-up at all.

There’s also no limitations on hotspot or tethering to other devices.

Also, signing up is easy and free. You can register online and request for a SIM, have it delivered to your doorstep, or you can pick it up from the nearest TMPoint outlet. Each SIM comes with 2GB of LTE data, 10 minutes of free calls and 10 free SMS when you activate. Add-ons like data, calls, SMS and roaming can be purchased and managed via the mobile@unifi app, available on Android and iOS.

For more info on unifi Mobile, visit

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