U Mobile goes insane with Hero Postpaid P98 with 30GB data, free unlimited streaming

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Is there stopping U Mobile? Short answer: No. The little orange telco with the biggest balls heart is doing it again. This time kicking its own industry-defining Hero Postpaid P70 plan off the telco pedestal with something greatly better–the P98.

30GB of fun

30GB. What do we do with so much data, U Mobile? Beats me. And it’s going to get even harder. Because with the P98, U Mobile is also throwing in the all-new Video-Onz unlimited streaming service in for free, in addition to a free subscription to viu. This free subscription is valid till 31 July 2017.

If calls are still your thing, there’s unlimited calls to all networks. Hero P98 will of course also get the full benefits of U Mobile Data BackPack which lets you roam for free and bring your monthly data quota with you; and WiFi Calling.

Wait, let’s talk about Video-Onz again. Unlimited video streaming has been extended to 18 partners, which is a huge leap from when Video-Onz was introduced just three months ago. To appeal to a wider audience, it has added The Edge TV and BFM 89.9 to join the likes of Viki, Dailymotion, YuppTV and Crunchyroll.

Here’s a full list:

  • HyppTV
  • Viu
  • Iflix
  • YouTube
  • Youku
  • Tonton
  • Astro on the go
  • ErosNow
  • HeroTalkies
  • Pocketimes
  • OnFM
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Dailymotion
  • Viki
  • Crunchyroll
  • YuppTV
  • 9
  • The Edge TV
  • StarLive
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Video-Onz free streaming has been extended till 31 December 2016, and according to U Mobile’s chief marketing officer Jasmine Lee, it’s not stopping there. More video partners will be added soon.

If you’re not sure what Video-Onz is or how it works, read this.

Free unlimited streaming is available for Hero P98, Hero P70, i90 and i130 plans. Other postpaid/prepaid/broadband plans get free extra data for Video-Onz. For instance, if you monthly plan gives you 5GB of data quota, an additional 5GB will be allocated to you for Video-Onz.

Note that from 1 August, Video-Onz for Hero P70 will no longer be unlimited, but limited to 7GB per month. Looks like U Mobile is giving you subtle hints to upgrade to its new hero plan.

BTW, check out the comparison table below:

You can also opt to share up to 3 lines for just MYR50 per line where you’ll get additional 3GB of data on top of your 30GB, as well as Video-Onz access.

Initial thoughts

This is a pretty insane move by U Mobile–one binge watchers and data crunchers will most definitely appreciate. Sure, streaming quality is limited to standard definition but since we’re likely to be watching via mobile, it shouldn’t be too much of a penalty.

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So much data how to finish?

For more info on U Mobile postpaid plans, visit www.u.com.my/postpaid

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  • Ebola

    What happens on a traveller SIM? Will I be able to surf in Singapore? Can I buy credit for the U Mobile in Singapore if I run out of credit?

  • Sengoku Astray

    Monthly commitment at RM98 but only get 30gb of data? As I know, one of the celcom postpaid plan named First Gold Plus consists of 20gb normal data and 20gb weekend data. I think celcom postpaid plan is more worthy than this.

    • Sandra Wong

      Indeed. I have been signed for the Platinum plan, it contains 30gb of normal data and 30gb weekend data, but it is very inconvenient due to the separately. Therefore, I have added on rm10 and combined all the data into 1, it has o time limit as well.

    • Muhammad Iman

      this promotion for combined all data using together only celcom plan got it…other telco plan not yet has this…it is better for consumer feel conveninet to use data

  • JiYong Kwon

    Even if offers huge amount of data or lowest charge rate but still no use due to the coverage issue and turtle speed. Better to show improvement first

    • hafizroro

      not at all place. at city area um coverage is good. better than any telco. but not at rural area. admit it. the price are also compatible. the plans comes with unlimited video and music onz. huhuuuhhhuh.

    • Kpoppers

      My bro using um before this but the line is very worst! No matter where he been, the line is just so so and the internet speed is sloth. At last, he just terminate the line and go for celcom as he found that celcom provide better performance

    • MariaFerry

      don’t u think celcom offers so huge amount of data and don’t have any carry forwards anymore.. so waste of money.. and yes their coverage already good but 40GB and 60GB is a huge amount right?

  • Muhammad Iman

    wow….umobile more cheaper compared to other telco…only rm98 get 30gb internet data…is the time to change my plan ready…

    • Larva Chan

      unfortunately the line is not stable. you can use it unless you keep staying in certain area which supports 4g. if not, better not to try it IMHO

    • Muhammad Iman

      now i really that the above information is old one and the latest plan for celcom is more cheaper because only rm80 can get the 20gb internet data per month and the line is more stable compared to telco U

    • Jeslina Mohamed

      well helloooo… UM coverage are so limited when u go out from klang valley, the coverage automatically become slow and difficult to connect to 4G.. i’m using UM before, and that time i just got E connection… so poor!

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