Webe 4G LTE is live: How does MYR79/month for unlimited everything sound?

webe 4G LTE
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Looks like Yes wasn’t the only new 4G LTE service that’s made its commercial debut. In an attempt to steal a bit of the excitement of Yes’ big launch, webe finally revealed the most crucial part of its introduction–the mobile plan. Not without a caveat.

Webe’s LTE services will initially be offered to selected TM and webe customers in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru. The new telco has sent exclusive invitations to TM and webe’s “loyal customers” starting 30 June 2016. Note that “webe’s loyal customers” means existing P1 customers.

Unlimited everything

So, onward to the plan. Apparently, there’s only one plan. And you’ll get the works–unlimited everything. Yes, data, calls and SMS. That’s right, unlimited everything, just like it was leaked in April.


I’m not sure how this works though, because it’s going to cost MYR199/month. I’m as befuddled as you are.

Now wait, the headline did mention MYR79/month for “unlimited everything”. So what gives?

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re an existing TM customer or webe member, you’ll enjoy MYR60 off your monthly commitment
  • If you’re using a webe-certified smartphone, you’ll receive the same MYR60 discount off your monthly commitment.
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If you need more than one SIM, then you’ll reap more benefits from webe’s unique plan.

Get MYR10 knocked off for your second line, MYR20 for the third, and MYR30 for the fourth and fifth line.

For example, if you decide to have three lines under your account, the monthly commitment would be MYR79+MYR69+MYR59 = MYR207.

The invite also mentions that the webe plan has no contract attached to it, and that there are also great device discounts and bundles.

Once you’ve signed up, picked your number and made payment via credit card, the SIM pack will be delivered to you within three working days.

Note that the unlimited data isn’t available for tethering. Which means you can’t use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. To enable tethering, you will need to buy a two-hour ‘Personal WiFi Pass’ priced for MYR6.

Until now, webe still doesn’t have a website. Not a proper telco website anyways, so you’ll find no official information on plans and such. For now, webe.com.my still redirects to webe community. You can stay updated on its Facebook page, though. Head over here: www.facebook.com/webedigital/

Webe is expected to be launched to the masses later in the year.

webe make it happen
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Initial thoughts

Webe kicked off in April, going the aspirational route. It wants you to believe it’s beyond being just “the next telco.” It’s one that has a higher purpose, and not just about technology and connectivity. That’s all well and good, I guess.

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That being said, it is being unorthodox in its rollout–first with the community-based route, then a single postpaid plan strategy.

It’s too early to tell how this will pan out, and it’s probably wise to wait till webe’s service is available en masse later this year.

Are you a TM or P1 customer? What do you think of webe now that it’s launched? Leave your comments below.

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    Sounds good plan …I shall get a second option besides my digi

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