Top 10 Facebook Giraffe Riddle Answers

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The past week has been pretty interesting. Friends and family turned into giraffes, as Facebook mailboxes were bombarded with answers to the viral Facebook Giraffe Riddle. You know, everything went completely bonkers. For a good reason, of course. I received many answers (20% were correctly answered) and had a fair share of interesting, and some hilarious ones too.

So here’s a collection of the Top 10 answers to the Facebook Giraffe Riddle.

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1. The first thing I open is my mouth… I open it to yawn….before I open my eyes.



2. Gun. To check for bullets to shoot whoever is trying to get into your house at 3am.


3. I won’t open anything because its (sic) 3 am. who the hell will have breakfast at 3 am?? (Malaysians actually do!)


4. the first thing i open is my fridge


5. is it honey?


6. Open first what is close… The riddle is similar to a person taking a bath. what part of the body you gonna wet first?


7. U first open the gate so that your parents can enter :))


8. i wanna answer the riddle sir. I think its the fridge your going to open first


9. but the answer is so simple? Open the damn fucking door first!fb-giraffe18

10. horn!



A few I didn’t quite get.

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There were also conspiracy theories.


And there were also ones so adamant that they answered correctly, and that the riddle is flawed.


There were also ones who just wanted a giraffe profile pic, no matter what. Which was really cute.

fb-giraffe15 fb-giraffe14

It’s been a fabulous, fun-filled journey. For those who have participated and passed this on, you’re awesome. Do share the real story behind the Facebook Giraffe Riddle. Here’s, to Millie!

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