TNG Card can now use Touch ‘n Go eWallet to make toll payments

Pilot testing at DUKE starting 8 December
Touch 'n Go new app

Back in August 2018, TNG Digital unveiled a refreshed Touch ‘n Go mobile app with some welcomed feature enhancements. It included the ability to add up to three physical Touch ‘n Go (TNG) cards to the app. It allowed you to manage the card and keep updated with the balance. However, you can’t reload the card from the app, probably the most wanted feature by most users. But we’re getting close.

Today, TNG Digital revealed a brand new feature that offers deeper integration between physical TNG cards and the mobile app. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to use your physical TNG card for toll payments along the DUKE highway and the balance will be deducted from the Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

It’s still short of being able to reload the TNG card from the app per se, but the big idea here is you don’t need to any more. At least for toll payments.

In short, the physical Touch ‘n Go card that has been added into the eWallet will be used as a medium to pass through all Touch ‘n Go and SmartTag toll lanes. Toll fares will be deducted directly from your eWallet.

However, in the event that there’s insufficient balance in your eWallet, toll fares will be deducted from your physical card.

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Touch 'n Go new appThe good thing about the integration is that you’ll know the status of your TNG cards once you’ve added them into the TNG eWallet. Don’t be caught with cards that are dormant. The other advantage is that you won’t ever need to reload your physical TNG card, so you won’t be subject to reload fees. All you need to do is ensure you keep your eWallet topped up at all times.

Note that the card balance and eWallet balance are separate and not interchangeable.

The pilot programme will cover tolls along the DUKE highway including:

Duke 1

  • Plaza Tol Batu
  • Plaza Tol Ayer Panas
  • Plaza Tol Sentul Pasar

Duke 2

  • Plaza Tol Segambut
  • Plaza Tol Sentul Pasar Tambahan

TNG says that it will extend the pilot programme to most Klang Valley highways in the next phase. The company is also looking to expand the eWallet ecosystem to cover other urban mobility services including transit and parking in the future.

The TNG app can also be used to make payment for prepaid reloads, postpaid and utility bills, and also to buy tickets to movies and flights. As you know, the eWallet is also used for RFID toll payment.

Reloading the eWallet can be done via credit/debit card, online banking and via TNG reload machines (using reload PIN). In the future, TNG plans to introduce an auto-reload function.

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The new Touch ‘n Go app is available for download for Android and iOS.

For more information, visit



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