Galaxy Note9 is purrfect for cats, here’s why

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is awesome for a great many things. And if you have cats like I do, you’re going to love the latest Samsung flagship phone. I’ll tell you why.

Whether you’re a cat lover or not, you can’t deny that cats are fascinating creatures. They have multi-dimensional personalities and if you spend time with them you’ll discover that you will never fully understand the inner workings of a cat.

One minute they love you and crave for your attention, the next they’ll want their space. They sleep where they feel like sleeping, and it’s not always in the same place. That cute bed you bought them recently? It’s unused isn’t it? You’re not alone.

My one-year old rescued and adopted felines Comot and Misa are typical cats. Curious, attention-seeking, playful and they sleep a lot, especially in the day time. Being nocturnal animals, night time is when they truly come alive. They’ll be running about, playing, chasing each other and sweeping things onto the floor (and sometimes breaking them) at midnight!

To keep up with them, I arm myself with the Galaxy Note9.

There are several reasons why. Firstly, the big 6.4-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED is bright, crisp and super sharp, the best display Samsung has ever made on a smartphone. The Infinity Display curves at both edges and has tiny bezels (and notch!).

The display is great for reviewing photos and videos I’ve shot of my cats. That’s not all, Misa loves watching videos of birds and running mice on YouTube, so the Galaxy Note9 is perfect to keep her occupied when I work at home.

Thanks to the pair of amazing stereo speaker tuned by AKG, chirping birds sound even more realistic and immersive.

Cats are unpredictable, and if you love taking photos and videos of them like I do, you need to be fast and spontaneous. This is where the Galaxy Note9 excels. Double click on the power button and boom, a second later the camera is armed and ready. And it’s a fantastic camera, too.

Samsung Galaxy Note9
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The phone boasts a 12MP dual-lens system with a unique variable aperture lens. With f/1.5-f/2.4 aperture, you’ll always get the best exposed images no matter the lighting conditions.

The Galaxy Note9’s Intelligent Camera system will instantly recognise that you’re shooting a pet and it will optimise camera settings to take the best shot.

Now, if they can introduce beauty mode for cats, too!

With the new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, you can take photos via remote control. Mount the phone where you want to capture your cat, then click on the S Pen button once to take a shot. Handy!

The other use for the S Pen is of course, for drawing and doodling. When my cats aren’t moving so much, I sometimes like to sketch them. The S Pen with 4,096 levels of pressure, is the best pen input tool on any smartphone. It’s zero lag, accurate and stores conveniently at the bottom of the phone when not in use.

Misa though, is fascinated by the S Pen and uses it as a toy!

Another awesome feature of the Galaxy Note9 is the large 4,000mAh battery that just keeps going throughout the day. I never have to worry about battery life, even when I have to chase my cats around all day.

The Galaxy Note9 is available in Midnight Black, Metallic Copper, Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple. The 128GB model retails for MYR3,699 while the 512GB model goes for MYR4,599.

For everything Galaxy Note9, head over to this page.

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