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Soon you’ll be able to Netflix and chill with TM

TM has announced that it has struck a partnership with the world’s most popular internet streaming service: Netflix. TM customers may have direct access to Netflix as early as by October 2017.

Details are sketchy at this point, but TM said that “customers who subscribe to the service will become Netflix members.” They will also “enjoy unlimited viewing of content.”

This sounds a lot like TM’s current partnership with rival streaming service iflix. The TM-iflix partnership lets its Unifi and Streamyx customers access iflix for free, for up to five devices, without separately creating an account on iflix.

All a customer needs to do is to log on to their Unifi or Streamyx (4MBps or 8Mbps) network, download and open the iflix app, then sign up and click “Redeem Now.”

Naturally, this is a limited time offer that’s valid until 31 December 2017.

So, back to Netflix. It’s anyone’s guess if the Netflix will be offered completely free, or as a paid add-on. As you know, commercially, Netflix’s subscription is split into three tiers.

Its most Basic tier offers only standard definition, limited to only one device although you’ll still have the ability to download and watch offline. A subscription costs MYR33 per month.

The most popular tier, which is the Standard option, lets you stream in HD with a maximum of two devices for offline viewing. This costs MYR42 per month.

The top run Premium tier streams at Ultra HD resolution, with a limit of four devices for offline viewing. This will set you back MYR51 per month.

More to binge on

With a huge library of licensed shows and hundreds of original content like House of Cards, Stranger Things, Okja and more, the Netflix deal will certainly benefit TM customers. Kids will love the original, interactive content, while anime fans will appreciate Netflix’s growing library of original anime titles.

Being a TM, Unifi customer and a Netflix (and iflix) subscriber, this is pretty epic. Considering there’s already some rich content on TM’s own HyppTV, this adds plenty more value for TM customers.

Are you a TM customer? What do you think about the Netflix deal?

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