In an unprecedented move, AMD and Square Enix have joined hands to bring you AMD4U—a new program that will essentially give AMD customers free indie games.

As you may know, Square Enix has an indie game publishing program called “Square Enix Collective.” The Square Enix initiative will help drive awareness of AMD’s new product lineup, which has been developed specifically for gamers.

Both parties will provide technology and hardware support for up-and-coming indie developers publishing through the Collective. The platform will also help bring games to market through a wide range of partnership elements.

Partnership elements include direct participation at AMD consumer events on a global scale. This will also extends to hardware, software, engineering support, and marketing partnerships with AMD’s OEM partners in the AMD4U program. AMD’s partners include DELL, Alienware, HP, Lenovo and more.

As an AMD customer (buying an AMD-powered PC or AMD components from a participating partner), you’ll be able to receive up to three free games from the entire Square Enix Collective portfolio.

Titles include previously released games like Black the Fall, Children of Zodiarc, Deadbeat Heroes, Tokyo Dark, Oh My Godheads, as well as upcoming titles like Fear Effect Sedna and Battalion 1944.

Battalion 1944 is one of the most high anticipated titles in the Collective portfolio. Developed by UK-based Bulkhead Studios, the game recaptures the spirit of classic multiplayer shooters and propels World War II into the next generation.

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The game is being developed using a combination of the new Ryzen 1800x and Radeon Vega graphics card. It will be showcased at upcoming events like GamesCom and EGX.

AMD4U is the platform to help indie developers bring amazing games to market and realise their true potential.

For more information about AMD4U, visit


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