TM introduces new unifi Mobile plans, starting from MYR19 per month

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In July, Telekom Malaysia (TM) introduced a new unlimited unifi Mobile plan alongside new turbocharged unifi broadband plans. The MYR99 per month plan offers unlimited data, calls and messaging. Today, the convergence champion rolled out four new Value plans, starting from as low as MYR19 per month.

The most accessible unifi Mobile 19 plan costs just MYR19 per month and it comes bundled with 2GB of data (1GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 5 mins calls and 25 SMS.

Moving up is the MYR29 per month plan which gives you 3GB of data (2GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 50 mins calls and 25 SMS.

Next, a MYR39 per month plan that comes bundled with 5GB of data (4GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 50 mins calls and 25 SMS.

The best value option is the MYR59 per month plan that gives you 10GB of data (9GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 100 mins calls and 25 SMS.

All Value plans comes with no restrictions for hotspot with no charges, although I highly doubt anyone would tether with 1GB of LTE data. But I could be wrong.

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You can start off cheaply and then buy various add-ons including data, voice and SMS. A 4GB High Speed (2GB 3G/LTE + 2GB LTE only) will set you back MYR30, while 2GB High Speed data (1GB 3G/LTE + 1GB LTE only) costs MYR15. If all you need is basic data, then MYR13 will buy you 1GB’s worth.

If you’re a talker, you may want to add 200 mins + 200 SMS for MYR30, or 60 mins + 60 SMS for MYR10.

For those who prefer unlimited everything, then the Ultimate Plan is for you. For MYR99 per month you get unlimited data, voice calls and SMS. Hotspot data is capped at 10GB per month but without charge. If you deplete this allocated data the you can purchase a Hotspot Pass at MYR15 for 1GB or MYR8 for 500MB.

All plans, including the MYR99 Ultimate Plan offer international roaming in 18 countries for MYR38 per day. But compared to other telcos and even digital telcos like Yoodo, unifi Mobile’s offerings are expensive. Also, if you read the FAQ, you’ll need to place a MYR300 deposit to enable international roaming facilities.

Some caveats

Also, a couple of other niggles to note. When you sign up for these postpaid plans, you’ll need to pay an upfront payment of MYR50 for unifi Mobile 19, 29 and 39. For unifi Mobile 59, it’s MYR100. This amount will be used to offset your bill.

In the T&C it states that peer to peer traffic is capped at 64kbps. Video streaming quality will also be auto-tuned to 480p widescreen. I’m unsure why TM does this. The silly thing is this also applies to the unifi Mobile 99 plan.

For more information on unifi Mobile’s latest plans, visit unifi Mobile.


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