The World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur (WIF-KL) 2013 Revisited

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AT - Alibaba
Satay Port
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Satay Port
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Social Grooves’ Christopher Tock

Satay maker got me hooked
I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition hall, a showcase of interesting innovative products and services from local companies. One of my favourites was an automatic satay grilling machine called “Satay Port”, devised by a local engineer. Perfectly grilled satay every time, without flames or smoke. A brilliantly simple idea with a conveyor belt, heating element powered by electricity.

Here’s to the next WIF-KL!
I thought WIF-KL 2013 was brilliant, and I saw some really interesting stuff during my time there. It’s a fabulous platform to learn, share, expand the mind. I’d love to see more local and international speakers as well as more break-out sessions in the next WIF-KL. It would also be fantastic if there were smaller WIF-KL satellite events held throughout the year.

For more information and news on WIF-KL, visit #WIFKL2013

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  • Vernon Chan

    I realized I used the word brilliant about 10 times in the article. Rofl. Brilliant!

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