Cross-platform #Hotlink #OHHSOME Fest happening on 13-14 December 2014

David Choi #OHHSOME Fest

Hotlink #OHHSOME Fest

What was once a niche communication platform for the savvy, social media has grown phenomenally in terms of reach and adoption. It’s become ubiquitous, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who hasn’t communicated via social media one way or another.

In Malaysia, the scene has certainly thrived. Malaysia, in fact, has one of the highest percentage of bloggers in the world (based against internet penetration/population) and one of the highest number and most active Facebook users in the region.

Social media of course, covers a plethora of platforms — from Facebook to Twitter, from Pinterest to YouTube. Online blogshops have grown into larger scale operations, some into bazaars, while some physical storefronts.

The influence of social media continues to grow rapidly in Malaysia. With that in mind, #OHHSOME Fest will be celebrating the glory of social media, with a unique, first-of-its-kind, cross-platform event in Malaysia.

Hotlink #OHHSOME Fest

#OHHSOME Fest is a joint collaboration between key pioneers behind Malaysia’s emerging social media community and Hotlink.

The organising team behind #OHHSOME Fest comprises social media activists, social media agencies and homegrown brands and talents from Malaysia.

#OHHSOME Fest will be held over two days from 13-14 December 2014 at Avenue K.

Elizabeth Tan
Uber talented Elizabeth Tan, and a stranger
Hotlink #OHHSOME Fest
Inbaraj of Pixaworks with Altimet and Leonard Chua of Paranormal
Hotlink #OHHSOME Fest
Jinny Boy

What’s to be expected at #OHHSOME Fest?

  • Appearances of renowned international YouTubers like Wong Fu Productions & David Choi
  • Stage performances by Elizabeth Tan, Altimet, Narmi and Joseph Germani.
  • Bazaar featuring local businesses — Instagram/blog and online retailers offering products and services
  • Talks from social medial leaders like to educate the public on how they can better use the internet and social media for their business, or monetise their social media platforms.
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More details on #OHHSOME fest can be found online at or via Twitter and Instagram.

For #Hotlink users, fire up the Red app for VIP access to #OHHSOME Fest 2014.


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