honor 6X: Affordable, feature-packed smartphone made for photography

It’s impossible to talk about smartphones today, and not mention the camera. In fact, the two are inseparable. There’s a noticeable trend of dual-lens camera setups on today’s crop of smartphones. While this unique setup may have debuted on flagship devices, it’s trickling down to lower tier segments too. The honor 6X is the first of such devices, made to satisfy photography enthusiasts on a budget. Continue Reading

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Santa is taking a day off and honor Malaysia is filling his seat this Christmas

Have you been naughty or nice? Either way, honor Malaysia is playing Santa this Christmas celebrations. And early too! Honor is ending the year with a bang. There’s crazy deals and promotions, and if you’re not already an honor fan, you’re going to be one right after you read what’s in store.

Honor is bringing you some enticing deals for its honor 8, honor 7 and honor 7 Enhanced; honor 5X, honor 5C and honor 5A. Continue Reading

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