Shell V-Power Racing

Shell V-Power Racing: The best fuel for road warriors and petrolheads

The names Shell and Shell V-Power Racing need little or no introduction. For me at least; my relationship with the brand has been longstanding. From my first ever car – 1994 Proton Persona 1.8SE, to my performance hot hatch Satria R3, then to my Alfa Romeo 146 and Honda Jazz (wifey’s), Shell has always been the entrusted fuel.

We all know this. Not all fuels are made the same. With over a century of fuel development and most innovative fuel technologies in tow, Shell has been committed to delivering the best fuel for your car, thanks to over 120 Shell scientists and specialists around the globe dedicated to research and development.

Sebastien Vettel Shell V-Power Racing
Credit: Shell Malaysia

Formula One fuel for your car

I’m sure you know Formula One (F1). Man, machine, and the race against time. Shell, with its Technical Partners at Scuderia Ferrari, has been setting the pace with Shell V-Power race fuel at Formula 1 races the world over. From the learnings on the track, Shell has been able to develop Shell V-Power Racing for road vehicles, introducing it in Malaysia over a decade ago.

Did you know that 99% of the compounds found in Formula 1 Shell V-Power race fuel are found in Shell V-Power Racing road fuel in our cars? It’s a true testament to the fuel’s optimal performance and, perhaps most importantly, its protection benefits.

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The key element that makes Shell V-Power Racing outstanding is its Friction Modification Technology (FMT). The FMT in Shell V-Power Racing road fuel is the same as the one used in Shell V-Power race fuel by Ferrari Formula One cars.

Without sounding too technical, what it does is reduce friction by introducing a coating component on critical parts of your car engine. Powerful cleaning agents in the fuel control the build-up of deposits in new cars, and help remove deposits in older cars (old engines will likely have plenty of carbon deposits). This unique double action formulation makes a more efficient transfer of energy of fuel to your wheels, and you’ll enjoy more power from your car engine.

And because it has an enhanced octane, there’s less chance of engine ‘pinging’ on cars old and new, especially on performance engines.

In short, Shell V-Power Racing delivers more powerful performance and protection.

Shell V-Power Racing

Shell V-Power Racing: Fuel for performance

As I mentioned earlier, Shell V-Power Racing has been a big part of my vehicle ownership experience. And this was especially crucial when I was highly active in motorsports between 2004-2008. I was actively racing in autocross, gymkhanas and circuit racing events in my then Stage 2-tuned Proton Satria R3 (I miss this car). There simply was no better fuel to power performance cars for those punishing days at the tracks.

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Proton Satria R3Proton Satria R3

But here’s the thing, Shell V-Power Racing isn’t just for performance engines. You’ll experience the benefits even if you drive a 20-year old car like my Alfa Romeo 146Ti. You’ll find more performance off the cuff, plus a smoother engine and better fuel consumption overall.

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