Samsung Curved Monitor: Experiencing the new curved frontier

Samsung Curved Monitor
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I recently had at the opportunity to experience the all-new Samsung Curved Monitor range at the Samsung Malaysia HQ. The latest range of curved monitors is spearheaded by the awe-inspiring 34-inch SE790C, followed by the 31.5-inch SE590C and 27-inch SE591C.

Promising a more immersive, comfortable viewing experience, the new curved monitors feature industry-leading Vertical Alignment (VA) panel technology. VA technology offers optimal level of curvature, superior contrast ratio and significantly reduced backlight bleed.

Being curved isn’t just for looks. The gentle curve of the display complements the natural curve of the human eye, delivering a more immersive and seamless viewing experience, even in dark settings like in movies or gaming environments. Curvature also creates distortion-free viewing with reduced reflection and less eye strain over long periods.

The SE590C and top-of-the-line SE790C features best-in-class 3000R (curvature radius of 3,000mm) while the SE590C and SE510C get 4000R.

Enhancing viewing comfort further is an eye-saver mode that reduced blue light to your eyes. Being flicker-free, the curved monitor lets you use the screens longer with less eye fatigue.

In terms of quality of images and colour reproduction, the new curved monitor range delivers this in droves. They have impressive static contrast ratios (from 5000:1 for the SE590C to 3000:1 for standard models) and high brightness (up to 350 cd/m2 with the SE590C). This may be just numbers to you, but it means life-like pictures with deeper blacks, pristine whites and brighter, vibrant colour.

For gaming enthusiasts, there’s a special game mode that intelligently detects changes in scenes – reducing blurring images, enhancing colours and altering contrast for improved visibility of in-game action.

Samsung Curved Monitor
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Samsung’s Jeffrey Thu with the 2015 Samsung Curved Monitor range.

After a product briefing by a Jeffrey Thu, Samsung monitor marketing leader, I had a chance to put the 34-inch SE790C to its paces with “Need for Speed” fired on a desktop PC. The first impression was “wow, this screen is huge!” And it didn’t disappoint. I appreciated the ultra wide viewing angle, and the slight curve helped reduce reflections. Contrast and colour was brilliant in-game. I also tested in-game performance with and without game mode on.

This would be great for Photoshop and video-editing too, I thought.

I like that it is height and tilt adjustable, so it is adaptable to your set up at home or in the office.

Controls are also easy – everything is accessible via a physical toggle on the rear of the display.

The other thing I like is the sound quality. The built-in 7W stereo speakers are really quite impressive. Whether you’re playing games, watching movies or listening to your favourite tunes, you can rely on the built-in speakers without having to plug in external ones.

Overall a great viewing experience with the SE790C. Well-designed with performance to boot, this may be the monitor of choice for the pros, and also gaming enthusiasts. Gorgeous indeed.

Pricing and availability

The SE790C, SE590C, SD590C and SE510C curved screen monitors are available now in Malaysia:

  • SE790C = RM 4,299
  • SE590C = RM 2,199
  • SD590C = RM 1,299
  • SE510C = RM 999
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