Postpaid vs. Prepaid Plans: Which Offers Best Value For Money

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Choosing a mobile phone plan that works best for you and helps you save money at the same time may be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Read on for tips to choose the best mobile plan to suit your daily usage.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Plan?

In order to decide the best mobile plan that would suit your lifestyle, here are a few questions to help you:

How heavy is your internet, call, and SMS usage?

How often you use your mobile phone, and what you use it for, will help you figure out your usage pattern. Do you make frequent calls or use a lot of data to browse videos on your mobile phone?

If you do, a postpaid mobile plan is usually the better option as it usually comes bundled with free calls, free SMS, and data plans.

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On the flip side, if you do not make a lot of calls and use minimal data, a prepaid mobile plan can offer you a cheaper option since you buy credit based on your usage. But remember, even though a postpaid mobile plan is usually more expensive than prepaid, it comes equipped with extra features like free calls, free SMS and free data, which might work out to be cheaper in the long run.

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CompareHero telco plans

What type of flexibility are you looking for?

Don’t like to be bound to contracts or have a set bill amount to pay even if your usage doesn’t reach that amount? Then you should opt for a prepaid mobile plan which will offer you the ability to pay as per your usage each month. It also offers you the flexibility to hop between operators when you find a better deal that works for you, without having to pay any additional fees (like early termination fee of a postpaid contract).


Do you want convenience?

If you want peace of mind and not having to ensure you have enough credit on your mobile plan, a postpaid plan gives you that convenience. With postpaid mobile plans, you won’t have to manually top up credit and your bills are automated at the end of your bill cycle.

What Extra Features Do You Want?

Generally, postpaid mobile plans offer extra features like free data and free or discounted music and video streaming, like free premium Spotify for MaxisOne Plan 98 and above users or unlimited video streaming for P70 U Mobile users.

To conclude, think about your budget, usage, flexibility preference and the features you need when picking a mobile plan to give you the most value for money.

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  • Vernon Chan

    With so many attractive incentives for prepaid, would you actually switch from a postpaid plan?

  • Wei Jie

    it’s been years discussing this question, is postpaid better than prepaid? which one cheaper and I would like to know more bout celcom since everyone is suggesting celcom plans

  • nicole lau

    for me, i think that not everyone like to use the postpaid plan because it lead you to pay more when you are use more in a month…for me I like to use prepaid because it make me more easy to switch my number

  • Siew Xin

    I think recently many data plan offer pretty huge data to their user, should be enough for me streaming youtube and videos everywhere.

    • Dennis Law

      yeah, but the price also increased.

    • nelson kuok

      normally mostly people has wifi at home edy
      they just need a small amount internet data yo use when they are at outside
      if they take the plan only waste money for them because they cannot use finish the internet data

    • Darren Tan

      But now some people rather takes data plan and cancel the subscription of wifi at home because all the family members have their own plans of huge data….so it’s depends on how people needs

  • amanda wong

    celcom plans is not cheap but still affordable…I would consider first gold because the data is enough for me already

    • Dennis Law

      I would said, at least better than Maxis.

    • farhanah

      ya.. i agree with you
      normally celcom line is more stable at rural area compared to other telco line
      you only can line of telco C when you are in rural area

    • Jellar Bean

      Maxis is expensive, but coverage is wide and stable.

    • Yuma

      Indeed, at least celcom give more data and many free streaming stuff~~

  • Jay Lim

    what plans is offering affordable price and great services? I’m heavy usage for data…

    • siah ming sheng

      i think that you should take the postpaid plan such as celcom first gold plan…at least they offer huge amount of data
      better you survey the plan that you have interested

    • Cedreline N

      the best postpaid plans for data and getting at great price, i will say it’s celcom plans…you can get more than 20GB data per month….more than enough right?

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