Iskandar Ezzahuddin Setel CEO

Outlook for e-wallets in 2020

Over the past few years, e-wallets have become widely used in Malaysia, with 2019 ...

Alibaba Cloud logo

The biggest cloud players in Malaysia: Who’s who?

These days, it’s a rarity to find a business without a cloud strategy in ...

10 reasons why your enterprise should go cloud, and which cloud player you should go for

What is cloud computing? By definition, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing ...

Celcom EasyPhone Galaxy Note10

Get 2 Galaxy Note10/10+ for the price of 1 with Celcom

Samsung’s best and greatest smartphone for power users is here. The Galaxy Note10 series, for the ...

Alibaba Cloud primed for market leadership in Malaysia

Mention cloud computing, in the context of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Platform as ...

Cloud Computing

Up, Up, and into the Cloud: The four common traits of successful cloud journey in Malaysia

In recent years, many countries in Asia, including Malaysia, have started national initiatives to aspire digital ...

Grab Anthony Tan

Regulation matters: Upholding the spirit of the regulation

Statement from Grab Malaysia, as part of a series of statements surrounding e-hailing regulations.

Sage Asia Yee Sang

Bestow the gift of productivity this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is traditionally a time of joy and good tidings – but ...


6 scenarios we can relate to when faced with limited or no connectivity

We’re currently living in a technologically advanced age where we can download full-length movies ...

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