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6 scenarios we can relate to when faced with limited or no connectivity

We’re currently living in a technologically advanced age where we can download full-length movies in mere minutes and even binge watch an entire series all night long; without worrying about buffering (most times). But sometimes, not often, we are challenged when connectivity is not on our side – yikes! You know, like the time your smartphone just stalls or somehow you have excruciatingly slow speeds at certain locations when you’re at a
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5 incredibly easy tips to boost your Wi-Fi connection

As all of us know, there’s nothing quite as annoying as having a wireless Internet connection that goes up and down like a yo-yo. (Lousy mobile network coverage is a very close second.) But in this day and age, you can boost your Wi-Fi without spending hours waiting on the line with your broadband provider, only to hear “Have you tried turning it on and off?”

Check out these 5 easy tips to help you instantly boost your Wi-Fi connection and make the most of your broadband plan! Continue Reading

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