Photo-Realistic Digital Art – How real is real? How far would you go?

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For professional digital photo-realist artist, Bert Monroy, the destination is unimportant, as realistic as it may be. The journey of recreating realism is the real challenge and this challenge is the ultimate reason for pursuing these meticulous pieces of artwork.

How long is too long to spend on a piece of art in Photoshop? How about 2,000 hours? How about a file that contains no less than 15,000 layers, 500 alpha channels, and 250,000 paths? I wouldn’t be caught dead working on a Photoshop file for that long even if I had all the time in the world. I don’t think I can sustain interest for that extended period of time. Too impatient.

If you aren’t wow-ed by the masterpieces, you would be with the facts and figures. Former ILM employee, Bert, has certainly pushed the envelope (pretty fuckin’ far, methinks) where pixel art is concerned. Wow.

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