Apple’s new “Shot on iPhone Experiments” video is spellbinding

Apple Shot on iPhone Experiments
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Apple over the weekend, released a new Shot on iPhone Experiments video called Experiments IV: Fire & Ice. Just like the rest in the series, it’s spectacular. The iPhone maker also shared a behind-the-scenes video showing you how the effects were created.

The latest Shot on iPhone Experiments video was shot on the iPhone 11 Pro by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of design studio Incite. The video showcases the iPhone 11 Pro’s pro-grade video capture capabilities including 4K, slow-mo, dynamic range, and more.

The 90-second video features mind-blowingly beautiful scenes of fire and ice elements, synchronised with an immersive soundtrack.

Apple says, “Immerse yourself in Experiments IV: Fire & Ice. See how iPhone 11 Pro can capture incredible footage of elements at their most extreme.”

See what’s possible given an iPhone, simple materials, and boundless creativity. Our Experiments series creates immersive, dazzling worlds, all Shot on iPhone. Lose yourself in the abstract visuals of each episode before going behind the scenes to see how it was made.

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