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The end of broadband. Period.

For my personal broadband connection at home, at least, that holds some truth. You see, since having installed, measureable speeds have been unmeasurably way below expectations. I have tolerated, waited (mostly waited, actually) and waited and tolerated and waited since February for some sort of improvement in service.

Unfortunately for me, and the thousands of other ‘broadband’ victims of monolith Streamyx, nothing has changed. I dread to say that it will never change, but looking at the current situation, perhaps that statement has some truth in it. There was a glimpse of hope on one day – with a recorded 800Kbps, but alas, that was not to be. Like an excited teenager having sex for the first time, it lasted a disappointing minute or two, then plummeted steeply to the very depths of broadband robbery also known as the TM Streamyx service.

“Dear all, please subscribe to streamyx now. I’ve tested it and what they said is true – Jean”

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry digesting their ad. Firstly, sack the copywriter who wrote that. Secondly, sack your creative agency. Shame on you. Thirdly, sack yourself for telling outright lies about your appalling service. Consequently, sack yourself again for offering appalling service which you lie about using lame, made-up customer testimonials cooked up by your copywriter who works for your creative agency.

TM, if you are even listening – let me tell you something – value is NOT paying RM99 for 1Mbps and getting 200Kbps. Value is NOT getting analogue modem speeds when it should be ‘high-speed broadband’.

For two whole months, I’ve listened to your reasons. I am of course, a completely reasonable person. And a tolerant, patient one. I’ve waited for your actions. And waited for your testing and rectifications. I’ve tolerated and kept myself sane throughout despite the constant disconnections and slowpoke speeds. I’ve contained my boiling blood observing broken pings on my Terminal every bloody minute.

But no more. I do not care if you give me a bloody rebate on my next bill, which evidently I refuse to pay. And I do not care if you blame my apartment management for the ‘vertical wiring problem’. And I don’t give a rat’s ass if a third party transmission device is causing RF interruptions and distortions to your wiring in my building. I don’t give a fuck.

You wanted time and I’ve given you ample time to sort things out. Two months. Two whole friggin’ months. How long do you need? Why don’t you tell your customers how long? Rectify the damn problem and stop offering the service to your customers until it gets sorted.

You know what? I’ve had enough. And just like I told TM’s Head of Consumer Sales when I gave them an ultimatum – sort it out by (last) Friday or I’ll cancel my subscription. And an official complaint will be sent to TM CEO, TMNet, the Consumer Assocation and the press.

Cancellation, at this point, is inevitable. I hope the complaint letters will make a difference. If not for me, perhaps for future subscribers and customers. I am appalled that I’ve been made to wait this long and far, only to be disappointed yet again with outcome.



By Vernon

Vernon is the founder and chief editor of A graphic designer by profession, he has a deep love for technology, cars, gadgets, food, and travel. He tweets too much and is also known as a caffeine bacterium ("life's too short for bad coffee"). Bleeds Blue (go Chelsea FC!) and considers BMW, Porsche, Alfa Romeo cars to have in the garage--for true petrolheads, that is.

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“Please subscribe…??”…sounds dodgy and if not corny doens’t it??..

Wonder who’s their copywriter…I’m sure they can come out with a better line than that!!…-ditto-

Go give them V…vindicate!!

and tmnut will say this to u verne, after 12 months of streamyx only then u can close the account, did u read the agreement?

shit lerh… feel sry for u man.. give it to em kao kao… but i doubt they will change…

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