You can now pay for your purchases on Apple App Store with Celcom Direct Billing

Apple Celcom Carrier Billing
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Celcom is the latest local telco to offer subscribers the option to pay for purchases on the Apple App Store, Apple Music and iTunes, conveniently via their mobile phone account. This facility is open to all Celcom postpaid and prepaid customers in Malaysia.

Customers with a new or existing Apple ID need just to select “Carrier Billing” as a payment method in their account settings for the App Store, Apple Music and iTunes. This can be done from their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac; as well as iTunes from their PC.

For a guide on how to configure your devices for mobile billing, read this official support page from Apple.

Once set up, it immediately allows for one-tap purchasing from Apple devices, including Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Apple mobile phone billing now in more countries

Apple mobile phone billing is now available through selected carriers across 18 countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

For Apple, its “Services” category that includes the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, iTunes, and iCloud, is rapidly growing and is highly lucrative. App Store revenue grew 40% year-over-year (Q1 2017), raking in USD7 million in the quarter. Apple Music and iCloud storage specifically, is experiencing double digit revenue growth.

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  • a’an

    Other than apps, what else can we buy?
    Can i buy goods from tesco, lazada and pay using Celcom Pay?

  • mas meriyah

    this one like android google store??just read article about cash back rm 5..if not mistaken for google store user only rite?is it the same?

    • Dvin

      Got this kind of good deal..
      I think cashback only for first time user, loyal customers always get nothing 1..RM5 better don’t want

    • Mystique

      Only RM5 huh? The apps its expensive. Just only get RM5. LOL

    • Miranda

      I told you already. Its not only RM5 rebate. Also can get 80% discount for a top games until end years. This week last babe. Better you try. HUhuhu.

    • mas meriyah

      just heard about 80% promo!i will tell my bro as he is game lover.i prefer this kind of payment like charge into bill,easier to pay and no need any card.

    • Conny

      Yup. i heard also. Which is for a top games only rite? So i will buy a game to get the 80% discount. Hahaha. Its quite interesting. Hehe

    • Lulu yo

      my fren told me as well, just thinking wat should I purchase hahaha only can purchase app in app store or google play?

    • Mystique

      Dont waste your money to purchased all apps in google store or apps store. Better save your money and use for a good things. Lol.

    • Miranda

      Its not waste your money actually. You can get rebate RM5 from celcom. Also discount 80% for a top games. Is it quite interesting rite? No need to use your credit or debit card. Hahaha. Why bother?

    • mas meriyah

      hahah!not but all apps,just pay the one u need lah!like u want to purchase apps that not too expensive like Rm3,so that u will get rebate back rm 3..means u buy it just free lor.

    • ZzACK

      yes, they will give up to RM5 cash back, it depends on how much you purchase the app, if the app RM3 then you will get RM3 lo
      currently also can get 80% diskaun on top game in play store

    • Conny

      Im so excited because of i is a new purchaser. So i can get rebate RM5 from celcom. Hahaha. SO i will buy any apss that i want with RM5 rebate. Huhu

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