Use Mesra Points to pay for petrol with Setel app

Setel app Mesra card
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Setel, Malaysia’s first mobile app for fuel payment, has announced that you can now pay for petrol using accumulated Mesra Points. You can convert points into credits in your Setel e-wallet to pay for petrol at PETRONAS stations.

If you haven’t already, ensure that you’ve added a Mesra card to the Setel app. If you don’t have one, you can register a virtual card from the app itself. UPDATE: A representative of Setel has informed me that the virtual card option is only for early beta users only for now.

At the bottom menu of the app, tap on “Rewards” then “Activate Card.” You’ll need to enter your IC number for verification.

After a couple of minutes, you’ll get the option to redeem your Mesra Points.

To redeem, tap on “Redeem” and you’ll be presented with the Redeem Mesra Points page. At the bottom of the screen is a slider with your point balance shown. Grab the slider handle to select how much points you’d like to redeem.

Setel Mesra Points
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Each Mesra point is worth MYR1, and once redeemed, the balance will be reflected in the Setel e-wallet.

Every time you make a fuel purchase, you automatically earn Mesra Points. You earn 3 Mesra Points for every litre of fuel purchased, and 1 point for every MYR1 spent at the Mesra store.

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Setel app Mesra Points
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Download and use Setel today

The game-changing Setel app can now be used at more than 700 PETRONAS stations nationwide. Download the app for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Use code beu44 when you register to get MYR5 when you complete a petrol purchase of MYR30!

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