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UberEATS food delivery service is now in Malaysia

One of the most important questions asked by us Malaysians on a daily basis is “Have you eaten?” or “Sudah makan?” Or the more invitational “Jom makan!” or “Let’s eat!” If there was a single force that truly unites the country, it’s undeniably food and the love of food (close second is badminton and football!). On that note, eating out, especially for busy urban dwellers can be challenging. What with traffic jams, lack of parking spaces and long queues at restaurant. Here’s a piece of great news: UberEATS is here in Kuala Lumpur!
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I baked pie and therefore I’m awesome #FitterFasterStronger

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” On that note, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that there’s more to life than work. As cliché as it may sound, ‘work, life, balance’ is something most aspire to achieve in their lives. Our general being—be it physical, emotional, mental, social is bent on how we live our daily life. As luck would have it, we spend much of our lives working, so what happens in and around the workplace is crucial for our productivity and wellness. Continue Reading

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[Food Review] A Christmas Feast at Morganfield’s Publika

Keep calm and eat pork

I’m pretty sure most of you are already in your most cheerful holiday mood with Christmas around the corner and the coming of the new year (boy, that was quick!). ‘Tis the season for jolly (and folly), spending time with loved ones and lest we forget — Christmas grub! I had the opportunity to sample the Christmas spread at Morganfield’s Publika recently. No wonder Santa’s so huggable.

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[Food Review] Chicago Rib House Serves Up a Pork-sperous Lunar New Year Feast

Chicago Rib House CNY

In a quick flash, we bid farewell to 2013, said hello to 2014 and in less than 3 weeks, we’ll be greeting the God of Fortune at the Lunar New Year. To welcome the Year of the Horse, Chicago Rib House is riding the festivities with its Porkalicious Joy Luck Sets – special set menus to bring family, friends and food lovers together. Along with other well-known influencers and members of the media, I got a special media preview of the festive menu.

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