Grab’s Delivery Doodles feature lets kids draw their food orders

Google AI powers fun, new way of ordering food for kids
GrabFood Delivery Doodles
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Doodles that turn into noodles? That’s got to be some kind of magic, right? Involves a fairy godmother or a purple genie? Well, if you can imagine Google’s AI in some sort of magician’s hat made up of ones and zeroes, perhaps. Grab’s new Delivery Doodles feature uses AI to turn any kid’s doodles of their favourite food into actual food orders delivered via GrabFood.

GrabFood DeliveryDoodles is built using a machine learning model that recognises drawings of local dishes like martabak, bahn mi, and nasi lemak. Volunteers from Grab, Google and their families feed over 10,000 doodles to teach the AI to recognise food drawings. Many of these same parents and children became talents and DIY videographers for Grab’s demo video.

Sulin Lau, regional country marketing head of Grab said, “With schools closed temporarily, it’s not easy being cooped up at home and parents are running out of ideas on what to eat every day. Grab Delivery Doodles is a great way to creatively engage children and teach them to appreciate our local food heritage while supporting local food businesses on our platform. We’re super excited to have worked with Google and all these amazing 4 to 10-year olds to make food delivery such a magical experience for others.”

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“Underpinning Grab Delivery Doodles is a custom machine learning model built using tensorflow.js to run on device in near real-time. We’re hoping this will be helpful (and fun) for families as they’re spending more time at home, while also supporting businesses across the region,” said Aurélien Pichon, managing director, Asia-Pacific operations, Google.

No matter if it’s cake, dim sum, burger, or pho, kids simply need to doodle their food cravings and scan their drawings using the new Delivery Doodles features in the Grab app. The system will guess the dish and suggest nearby restaurants that offer the food.

GrabFood Delivery Doodles is available as a pilot in Malaysia (22 May), Vietnam (25 May), and Indonesia (1 June).

How to Delivery Doodle

  1. Open Delivery Doodles from the Grab app
  2. Take a picture of your drawing
  3. Allow Delivery Doodles to guess your drawing
  4. Hit ‘Order Now’
  5. Choose where you’d like to order from

TL;DR version

Try it now on your mobile phone:

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