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Save up to MYR50 with GrabFood Signature Value Packages

Grab has introduced new updates to its food delivery service to help Malaysians save more while continuing to support small and independent businesses on GrabFood.

GrabFood has updated its delivery fee structure to provide better value for its customers. Delivery fees for your favourite eats are now as low as MYR2 for select restaurants less than 1km away. Meanwhile, for cities outside the Klang Valley, the MYR2 delivery fee will apply to select restaurants less than 2.5km away. The move is aimed to encouraging more orders for smaller and independent restaurants; helping them to sustain and grow through this challenging period.

Delivery fees go directly to Grab’s delivery-partners and hence to ensure they are fairly compensated, Grab will be subsidising delivery fees which are lower than MYR5. This will ensure their income is not affected, and at the same time help to grow orders which will also benefit delivery-partners’ earnings.

GrabFood Signatures Value Packages

Additionally, Grab is introducing GrabFood Signatures Value Packages where you can save up to MYR50 on each order of your favourite GrabFood Signature Restaurants, such as Texas Chicken, Secret Recipe, KyoChon, and more.

The discount vouchers can be used for over 1,000 restaurant-partners nationwide with no minimum spend required. It comes in three packages to suit every customer’s lifestyle and budget.

How to purchase and use GrabFood Signatures Value Packages:

  • Step 1: Go to the GrabFood page on the Grab app, tap on the GrabFood Signatures Packages banner.
  • Step 2: Select a package and pay with GrabPay Wallet.
  • Step 3: Your set of vouchers will be placed in your My Rewards page upon successful purchase.
  • Step 4: Tap on Use Now to use your voucher. Select a GrabFood Signatures restaurant and place your order.
  • Step 5: Your 15 per cent discount will then be automatically reflected in your order.

*For more information on GrabFood’s Signature Value Packages, please click, HERE

Notes: You may purchase multiple packages and each package is designed to be used over 30 days. Packages are applicable to restaurants which are GrabFood Signature merchants. GrabReward Points will not be awarded when you purchase any package.

This seems to be of a similar concept to the now-defunct Grab monthly subscription packages but limited to Signatures restaurant-partners.

Free deliveries

Lastly, GrabFood also recently introduced new “free deliveries” category on the platform. Great for customers on a budget, this also provides restaurant-partners an avenue to boost their visibility and awareness across the Grab platform.

As the economy reopens, Grab continues to enable and digitalise micro, small and medium enterprises on the platform. This includes partnering with the government to offer new merchants MRY2,000 worth of bonuses.

“As we continue to embrace the new normal, we want to ensure that our platform remains as inclusive as it can be to help all Malaysians and cater to their needs, be it with the convenience of food delivery or by helping grow opportunities for businesses. We hope that through these efforts we’re able to assist our fellow countrymen through these uncertain times,” said Sean Goh, managing director of Grab Malaysia.

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