Lenovo offers 120-day license of TGX Remote Workstation Software

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The coming of the COVID-19 pandemic and various degrees of lockdowns on a global scale have instantly changed people’s lives and livelihoods. Working from home, including those Zoom sessions, have now become the new norm. While that sounds fun, the truth of the matter is, many are ill-equipped to work from home. For those with workflows that demand high-end power, this becomes even trickier, and can even pose security risks and severe loss of productivity.

This is where Lenovo can help. The leading PC maker and smart solutions provider is offering a free 120-day license of Mechdyne’s TGX Remote workstation software (up to 50 licenses per applicant).

TGX is created for designers, engineers, geoscientist, or any user with a graphic intensive application or a requirement to visualise their data at extreme resolutions.

It offers three distinct advantages:

Maximum productivity: The software leverages on NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to take advantage of the built-in video encoder to compress and send information from the host workstation to the end-point device to decode. This eliminates lag on complex and detailed application files.

Increased performance: Teams can share powerful, high-end workstation resources across the business and collaborate remotely with co-workers around the world.

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Optimised manageability: Users keep data and company IP secure onsite, while reducing the risk of data breaches. They can administer computer hardware assets from anywhere, anytime.

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Users can install the 120-day trial on their host workstation and the receiver software for their local device. This will enable them to access applications and projects as if they were in-office, without restrictions.

Lenovo recommends the ThinkStation P330 Tiny, ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 or ThinkPad P53 to get started.

For more information, visit https://www.lenovoremoteworkstations.com/

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