Instagram’s new Order Food stickers let you tap and order

Instagram Order Food stickers
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Instagram is launching new tools to support local businesses reach out to their customers on the platform. Food businesses can now share “Order Food” on Instagram Stories and add an action button to their profiles.

Users can click on the stickers or business profile button and they will be redirected to complete their purchase on their food delivery platform. In Malaysia, Instagram is partnering with Grab and FoodPanda.

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Facebook hopes these new tools will empower food businesses to stay resilient during these challenging times.

“For many small businesses right now, we know that every sale helps. We want to do our part in helping them stay open, keep in touch with customers, and stay informed on how to navigate this crisis. These new tools make it easier for people to [share fundraisers and] make delivery food orders from small businesses on Instagram,” Kaylie Smith, head of market operations, Instagram APAC.

If you run a small business, here’s how you can use the new tools:

  1. Activate a “Order Food” on your Instagram business profile by adding your delivery partner link in Settings, under Action Buttons
  2. You can also add “Order Food” sticker to your Instagram Stories, accessible via the Stories tray.
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For Instagram users:

  1. Tap on the Stories sticker or profile button and you’ll be taken to the food order platform (Grab and FoodPanda) to complete your purchase.
  2. You can reshare the Stories stickers in your own Stories to encourage your followers to support a small business.
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  • Ansovina Chai

    How do I get the action button food orders?

    • vernieman

      Go to your Stories, create a new Story, click on the Sticker icon and you will see the “Food Orders” sticker.

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