If the iPod was a phone, what would it be like?

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Isamu Sanada, famous Japanese product designer, whose cutting-edge concepts of Apple products has left the world salivating and wanting (yours truly, absolutely included!), has done it again with his Apple iPod-phone hybrid concepts.

Apple has always been rumoured to add a full-featured, multimedia phone to its expanding product line, although CEO Steve Jobs has openly denied this countless times. The closest ever realisation is the iTunes compatible Motorola ROKR mobile phone. Even so, implementation is far from ideal.

But imagine this. Imagine the Apple mobile. A hybrid of the best features from the iPod (music playing, photos, videos, PDA features) and that of a very advanced mobile platform, like a Sony Ericsson. Made to please.

Of course, undeniably, you have one of the best mobile phones on the planet already with the Sony Ericsson W900i.

Oh well, while we wait, let’s just drool over some Sanada concepts shall we?

A few strangely, look like current offerings from Sony Ericsson. Sony inspired by Sanada? Who knows? But if Apple ever released mobile phones, take your pic people. Stunning.

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  • <![CDATA[denniswoo]]>

    Hi vernon, thanks for visiting my fotopages.

    If the iPod was a phone.. then I would think it would be my Motorola RAZR V3i

  • Anonymous

    The R02 rocks my world. Vigorously. Damn sexy!

  • Anonymous

    OMG. The R03 is so blardy gorgeous. I think I can’t stand up…

  • Anonymous

    I am so digging the second and third. So cuteeeeEeeeEEeeee…

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