It’s alive! My iPod’s back!

Original iPod
Accestra - Lenovo

Some time in November last year, my beloved 1st Gen iPod decided to go bust on me. It outlived its claimed 18-month battery life by doing at least 6 more, but alas dropped dead, short of being a relic (no thanks to the smaller, lighter, thinner new iPods, nanos, Mini and Shuffle).

Have been planning for a battery replacement from NewerTech, supposedly leaps and bounds better than the original Apple battery.

As you know, I celebrated the birthday of this 32-year old decadent lithe body and still sound mind yesterday. Much to my surprise, the little cosy dinner I thought I’d be having with my parents and a few close friends, turned out to be a welcome overblown 30-pax strong event at Uncle Chillis, Mid Valley.

I will write about this, along with some pics in the next post.

IA - Shopee

Cutting things short(er), my bro Vince and Jo (who also single-handedly organised the secret congregation of friends and family), gave me an Sonnet iPod replacement battery! Yippee!

So, what do you know? I slipped in the new battery and it powered up, just as expected! My iPod’s back to bring music in my ears! Yahooo…

Thank you, Vince + Jo! Simply splendid! Muah, muah!


Image credit: Mashable

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  • Anonymous

    Oooh! Sounds wonderful! 😀 Can’t wait to read all about the celebration so hurry up with the posting, won’t ya?

    And Vernie, I demand to be flown first-class to your next bash!!!

    Happy Birthday, my dear dear friend! 😀

    ~5-Cat Style

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