iCon: Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act In the History of Business

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iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business
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. What an honour to describe a man so undescribably passionate, one reputed to be the most influential individual in technology.

Steve Jobs.

My ultimate idol. If I ever meet him, I’ll kiss his feet. I love him. I love him for making computers sexy. I love him for bring us great stuff from Pixar. I love him for inspiring greatness. I love him for his vision, his reality distortion field, his presence and charisma on stage. I love him because he has a knack and uncanny ability to understand and predict the market. I love him for the Mac OS. And the iPod.

I hate him because he constantly makes me broke. As a huge fan of Apple, I am perpetually tempted to buy another Mac, Powerbook, iPod, Cinema Display and related accessories. I am an Apple junkie.

I am happy.

Paid a visit to Borders at Times Square last night before catching the sexy “Mr and Mrs Smith”. Saw this paraded under “New Books”. Didn’t take much to coerce me to part with my hardearned RM80. I’ve done 20 pages of the book so far. It is as engaging as it is informative. Have read the Second Coming of Steve Jobs

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as well. If you are a fan, you need to get both these books. And you need to watch Pirates of Silicon Valley
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Ultimate Silicon Valley geek movie!

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“Sometimes in craziness, lies genius”
Steve Jobs, Apple CEO

More Apple Macintosh Books here

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  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah I saw that movie. Was really damn good!

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday I was just reading a speech he made at a college graduation. I got it off some blog…can’t recall which one now. Fantastic guy eh … I’d like to get that book sometime.

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