In the middle of attempting bad tackles and shooting from long range, I limped off the Sunway Extreme Park futsal field last night. In pain. Barely 15 minutes of sweat and toil. My infamous left leg again managed a powerful long distance goal before I gave it rest. My left foot has gained quite a reputation amongst the regulars I play with for being totally uncompromising when given a tad of space on the field. I am usually quite heavily marked. I’m not sure if it warrants such attention at all, but I love shooting at goal. Sometimes goalkeepers don’t see what’s coming. Fulfilling to say the least.

Lefteye, meet Rightfoot…

Back to the dreaded ankle story. It happened sometime last year when we first started playing regularly on Wednesday nights. All 15-20 of us. Mostly unfit. Heh. On the 2nd or 3rd week of playing, I twisted my left foot badly, no thanks to unsuitable shoes. Was using my Adidas Classics then. What a mistake that was. I slipped and had to limp off the pitch, ankle swelling. It has not been the same since. I’ve promised to go have it treated by a physio, but being the busy bee that I am usually, haven’t found the time to, except the one occasion I seeked traditional treatment in Paramount Garden. Fast forward 6 months and the ankle still suffers from pain if overstrained. Sometimes from merely standing too long.

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My right ankle has started to ache and complain as well.

I had actually removed my boots yesterday after 15 minutes to call it a day. But as undying passion for ball and man’s competitive nature would have it, I was back on the pitch again, despite the pain in both ankles.

Took it easy but still managed a couple of long range goals, one as a goalkeeper! 😀 Totally satisfying!

I promise to seek professional help. For now, I’m banking on Counterpain and a couple of Futuro ankle braces to keep those ankles warm and supported.

Anyone knows a good physio, drop me a line 🙂

Oh btw, Happy 2nd Birthday PPS!


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