Hotlink launches Game Credits top-up facility via Hotlink Top-Up Tickets

Hotlink Game Credits
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Maxis has just jumped on the eSports bandwagon with the introduction of Game Credits top-up facility via Hotlink Top-up tickets, or terminal printouts. Malaysia's biggest telco is also the first to introduce the service, partnering some big-name games publishers namely Asiasoft, CIB, Garena, IAHGames and Cubinet. The service is available to all Malaysians, with additional perks for Hotlink customers.

Specially for the launch, Hotlink customers will get exclusive benefits when they top-up:

  • 3 days IP + 3 days XP Boost on League of Legends online game worth RM19.95. Applicable for RM10 & above top-up tickets.
  • Room Name Color Changer or Blackshot online game worth RM4.00.
  • 06 Golden Key on EA FIFA Online 3 game worth RM3.50.
  • Any game from IAH Games will come with additional 10% iCash (IAH Games currency) based on the equivalent top-up game point value.

To use Hotlink's Game Credits, all you need to do is this:

  • Sign-in to games account in any one of the partner publisher’s website.
  • Select Payment or Top-up.
  • Select Hotlink Top-up Ticket as payment option.
  • Login or Perform one-time registration.
  • Key in 16-digit & transaction completes.

Hotlink's extensive distribution network of more than 14,000 points nationwide makes credit top-up easy and accessible, especially for Hotlink customers who are also avid gamers.

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There is no denying that the online games industry is a booming one. By 2016, the global games market is tipped to reach USD86.1 billion. Over the last two years, eSports has seen a surge in growth. At the end of last year, four game franchises have had eSports events with a prize pool of more than USD1 million: League of Legends, DoTA2, Call of Duty and SMITE. (Data: Internap 2015)

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  • Arisha20

    I am so scared of paying online, our information might be stolen away if the security is not good. Hence, i advise you to spend a bit time and energy to go to and buy, at least it is safer.

    • Alex Anderson

      i dont think u have to worry about this problem,the company should protect consumers’ information, if they are selling or giving out your information away,they are breaking the laws(Personal data protection act 2010) this acts is to safeguard personal data of consumer .

  • benjamin loo

    Boost apps is a newly launched apps which enable every gamer to buy game credit, however it is still uncertain with the security due to its still new . Anyone tried this apps before?

    • Alex Anderson

      dont worry, this apps is hosted by celcome actually, as u can see celcome survived quite long in the market, i dont think there will be any problem of launching this app~

    • Alvin Alison

      what is the system boost use to proceed the online payment? not most of the system are perform well btw..

    • Windfall

      haizzz top up online…the problem is i dun hv bank account……maybe i will use my mum account to top up using this apps

    • ahrikx

      better go to register bank account, now many things use online banking, top up online is very convenience, not need to top up at 7-11

  • Vernon Chan

    Which so much incentives for #Hotlink, would you switch from a postpaid plan?

  • Yenny chong

    is it only available for maxis and hotlink customer or to all network? any other good apps or website recommended for topping up steam wallet?

    • Alex Anderson

      i would suggest u boost apps,its also allow u to buy game credit but somemore to topup all type of prepaid card~ and also u can earn free credit from the apps

    • Alvin Alison

      i just try it yesterday.. it took me few hours to reload my creddit lol ! i contacted the customer service, and waited 4hours for the reply, wellplayed BOOST !

  • cheemin

    Is this offer still valid??? i want to buy steam game content using this kind of credit

    • jiaqianwong

      yes it is still going on but there are a new apps called boost , u can buy credit and add to ur steam wallet through the apps in order to let u continue play the game.

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