Goodyear launches Assurance DuraPlus tire in Malaysia, built to go up to 100,000km

Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus launch
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If there are two most important elements in car ownership, then it's got to be brakes and tires. Good brakes and tires influence your safety, fuel consumption and maintenance costs in the long run. Imagine a tire that can take you the distance of about two and a half times around the world? That's over 100,000km. Well, now you can. Goodyear Malaysia has just announced the Assurance DuraPlus range, made to go the distance and reinforced with DuPont Kevlar for ultimate protection and durability.

Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus launch
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The launch event, themed "Project M Mission" was graced by Andy Cooper, managing director of Goodyear ASEAN; Varinderjit Singh, managing director of Goodyear Malaysia; Claire Lim, marketing director of Goodyear Malaysia and Peter Stacker, product planning director of Goodyear Asia Pacific.

Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus launch
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From L-R: Claire Lim, Varinderjit Singh, Andy Cooper and Peter Stacker.

The Assurance DuraPlus is designed for small- to mid-sized passenger vehicles, boasting an improved version of Goodyear's proprietary TredLife Technology. It also has a new enhanced tread compound combined with DuPont Kevlar overlay for added reinforcement.

100,000kms is a big deal. And the secret to the long mileage is TredLife Technology that's made up of three key elements. An advanced carbon-based tread compound with higher carbon content provides increased resistance to road wear.

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Next, a larger tread width design which comes from an optimised cavity shape puts more rubber in contact with the road. It means more traction, and ultimately a longer-lasting tread.

As an added feature, the tire has an asymmetric tread design for more precise handling.

Maximum rubber volume means more contact area, and combined with a deep tread depth, allows for more wearable rubber.

The famed DuPont Kevlar was tasked to provide stiffness and strength, even under high temperature conditions. The Kevlar overlay gives the tire added durability and also protection against road hazards (especially Malaysian potholes!).

If you didn't know already, Goodyear Malaysia has a Worry Free Assurance Programme in place that gives tire owners protection in case of nasty road hazards like puncture, cut, bruise and impact caused during course of normal daily driving.

The Assurance DuraPlus is covered under the program, and within a 6-month validity period, you will receive a free replacement tire when damage due to road hazards occur. The caveat, tread depth of tire must be more than 6.7mm. In case of damage when depth of tire is within 5.5mm to 6.6mm, Goodyear will give credit against the purchase of a new Goodyear tire of the same size and design.

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Now that's what you call peace of mind.

Pricing, available sizes and availability

For the Malaysian market, Goodyear Malaysia offers both the 14-inch and 15-inch rim diameter variants. Full sizes and specs below:


SizeLoad IndexSpeed Rating
165/55 R1472H
185/60 R1482H
185/65 R1486H
185/70 R1488H
185/70 R1488H
195/60 R1588H
195/65 R1591H


Prices range from RM226 to RM325 inclusive of 6% GST. You can purchase the Assurance DuraPlus tires at Goodyear Autocare and Servitekar outlets, as well as authorised Goodyear dealers nationwide.

Learn more about Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus tires at

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  • Aesha Liza

    hmm sounds like interesting n ths brand tyre looks not bad …bt is there anyone got experience used before goodyear tyre ?? bcos last yr i changed my tyre silverstn, i feel like nt happy at all…i am dnt have much knwledge abt this all too… is thr any other brand tyre highly recommend??

    • syamil imran

      i am using conti tyre around 2 to 3 months now on my Myvi. its very comfortable and trustworthy brand and the price also affordable as i know ..

    • Luq

      this brand is quite expensive compared to another brand, but you also can get in 2nd hand tyre bcos if 2nd hand means the price wnt like buy a new tyre ….so may be u can try to look for 2 nd hand tyres.

    • Penny

      Tyre is important, to me I will get the best I can afford. Also, you can apply for installment for the tyre as I saw many shop start offering installment plan. I just got my Continental CC6 with 6 month installment. This month is the 3rd, and the performance didn’t disappoint me especially the brake performance… It’s responsive and the tyre make my car more steady in wet road.

    • Aesha Liza

      yes that’s true , i am also wont mind the price as long as the tyre nt disappoint me ,becos i am regularly will drive to outstation so looking for a good tyres ..anyways thanks for the infor ,i will looking for this brand tyre…

    • Penny

      Myvi small diameter. Hence, the price won’t be sky high… If let said u take the vehicle like Vios and City. Price will be higher, but not sky high… To me the price is standard, since the quality is not bad either.

    • Dvin

      Any brand for me will do… cuz I just drive for back and forth college
      But most of the time are fetch by friends hahaha

    • AhmadJal

      ya laaa as long as your car is moving as long as the tyre can protect your cover your rim then okay la aahaha, avoid offroad and your tyre should be fine

    • Aesha Liza

      no , before i also think like this and replace with 2nd hand tyres which cn gt low price but thn its really dissapointed me so this time i am not going to do this , somemore i will always drive to outstation so looking for a trustworthy n good brand .May b will try the brand conti as everyone suggested ….

    • miko lau

      i heard alots of good reviews for the brand conti frm my bro and frenz ..they said its really very comfortable, not only tht even after raining the road is so wet and slippery its still will give the smooth and steady feel while driving …

    • Sunny Lim

      ANy tyres will wear out by the mean time and it all depends on the usage of that particular individuals themselves. Premium or standard, pricey or cheap, it’ll wear out anyways. Pricey one you got lesser noice, cheap one you get a better handling, yourpick lads.

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