Riot Games brings first ever Student Ambassador Program to Malaysia

It may or may not come as a surprise to you – Asia is the largest market for competitive video-gaming, or esports, for short. Globally, esports revenue in 2017 is anticipated to hit USD1 billion (Data: SuperData, 2017). If all goes as planned, Malaysia may grow to be one of the biggest esports hubs in the region. Thanks to initiatives by agencies like Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s a little closer to that reality. On that note, a big name in esports shares the sentiment about Malaysia’s potential in the arena – Riot Games.

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e-sports gets a major boost with first-ever Malaysia Cyber Games festival


Dota 2. Ultra Street Fighter. CS:GO. FIFA16. If you can relate to these, congratulations. Welcome to the world of gaming and e-sports. Angry Birds. Fallout Shelter. Crossy Road. Heard of them? Congratulations, you’re also a gamer. Casual or hardcore, gaming isn’t anything new. Did you know Malaysia has 15 million gamers? So, we technically have 15 million potential e-sports athletes. Continue Reading

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Hotlink launches Game Credits top-up facility via Hotlink Top-Up Tickets

Maxis has just jumped on the eSports bandwagon with the introduction of Game Credits top-up facility via Hotlink Top-up tickets, or terminal printouts. Malaysia's biggest telco is also the first to introduce the service, partnering some big-name games publishers namely Asiasoft, CIB, Garena, IAHGames and Cubinet. The service is available to all Malaysians, with additional perks for Hotlink customers.

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