Ghost Drone Aerial unboxing and first impressions

Ghost Drone Aerial unboxing

Drones are rapidly gaining popularity, especially amongst people into aerial photography. Drone startups are also beginning to sprout all over the globe. One such startup is EHANG, which is based in Guangzhou, Beijing and San Francisco. The startup raised USD10 million Series A funding last year and also had a successful Indiegogo campaign that kicked off in November last year.

EHANG makes Ghost Drone, targeted primarily at people who want to take aerial videos of events and sports. Ghost Drone has three variants — a Basic, Ghost Drone Aerial and Ghost Drone Aerial Plus (comes with an action camera and SD card).

The easiest drone to fly

One of Ghost Drone’s unique selling points is that you can navigate it with a smartphone app, no remote controller is required. The smartphone app is currently available on the Android platform, with an iOS version in development.

The other unique thing about the Ghost Drone is that it has an auto-follow feature, meaning the drone will automatically accompany you as you engage in activities like running or walking.

Lazada Malaysia has generously supplied me with a unit of Ghost Drone Aerial for review and I can’t wait to get it in the air!

Check out the Ghost Drone introduction video:

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Quick first impressions

The Ghost Drone Aerial has a traditional quadcopter formation, so it doesn’t need much space to take off. Build quality isn’t shabby though the quality of plastics could be a tad better. It helps that it’s ultra lightweight, and the box also includes spare propellers. It looks great with its elegant curves and chrome bits.

This Aerial variant comes with a Gimbal that fits all editions of the GoPro and other action cameras, and includes an auto-levelling function to ensure stability.

In the main box is the drone unit itself, additional propellers, GBox, GBox controller, battery, charger, charge cables and user manual. In a separate box is the Gimbal and related accessories.

The Ghost Drone Aerial and Ghost Drone Aerial Plus are available via Lazada Malaysia, from RM2,199.00 and RM2,499.00 respectively, in Black, White, Blue and Red.

Enjoy the unboxing photos while I prep this baby for its maiden flight.

Ghost Drone Aerial unboxing

Ghost Drone Aerial unboxing

Ghost Drone Aerial unboxing

Ghost Drone Aerial unboxing

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