Galaxy S8 and S8+ now available with Celcom FIRST

Samsung Galaxy S8
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Celcom joins the rest of the major Malaysian telcos in offering pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ can be purchased with a 24-month contract on Celcom FIRST postpaid for MYR2,168 and MYR2,498 respectively.

Similar with the official Samsung pre-order deal, you’ll get the Limited Edition Starter Pack (screen protector, clear case, wireless charger stand and USB Type-C cable), a 5,100mAh power bank and Samsung Protection Plus plan.

The blue telco offers two plans for the devices – FIRST Gold Plus or FIRST Platinum.

FIRST Gold Plus gives you 40GB of data monthly (20GB all-day + 20GB weekend), unlimited calls and social chat (WhatsApp and WeChat). The plan costs MYR98/month.

If that falls short of your expectations, you can opt for the top-run FIRST Platinum. The plan provides you with a succulent 60GB of data (30GB all-day + 30GB weekend), unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and social chat. This will set you back MYR150/month.

Bundle pricing for the devices are as follows (before 6% GST):

Galaxy S8

  • FIRST Gold Plus – MYR2,478
  • FIRST Platinum –MYR2,168

Galaxy S8+

  • FIRST Gold Plus – MYR2,808
  • FIRST Platinum – MYR2,498

Overall, Celcom’s Galaxy S8 bundles and plans seem to be the most competitive, and delivers most value, compared to other telcos.

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There’s of course upfront payment for both FIRST Gold Plus and FIRST Platinum, at MYR300 and MYR600 respectively. This amount will be rebated into your account on a monthly basis.

The 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 retails at MYR3,299 while the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ is priced at MYR3,699. Available in Midnight Black, Orchid Grey and Maple Gold.

The Galaxy S8 pre-order runs from 11 April till 13 April. The flagship device is set to hit stores nationwide on 5 May 2017.

Ready to pre-order? Head over to Celcom’s Galaxy S8 pre-order page. For more on Celcom, visit

Source: Celcom via Soyacincau.

All about the Galaxy S8:

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  • Kingsley

    I am currently using other telco , If I wanna change to this telco with the phone without changing the current number is that possible ?

    • FinneganLouis

      Sadly, no. You have to be one of the users of Celcom before take up this installment. They want to prevent any users abuse the plan, as the plan do not required any cash up front. Same goes with other telco.

  • Waikeanw

    Is it subscribing at blue cube can avoid upfront payment ?

  • Kathy

    But I heard Celcom did recently provide a new installment plan for S8 also, in which u only have to pay RM 145 per month to purchase the phone

    • jiaqianwong

      Ya , celcom did provide a plan called easyphone. It is a 24 months installment plan for S8 buyers, i dun think its only RM145 per month as it may contains some Terms and Condition.

    • kallyiant03123

      Yes, instead of RM145, u will have to pay an at least RM98 per month for their data plan as well. Quite expensive.

    • SelenaDventure

      Hmm, if you are currently using their plan.
      I think the installment plan is acceptable. Since you only need to add on 145 monthly for the phone. No need to pay cash upfront too.

    • yingwei

      yayaa, i agree with you, for those who cant afford to pay a lump sum to purchase the phone can consider to sign up this plan, especially those existing celcom users as this plan really beneficial to them.

    • yingwei

      yaya i agree with u , celcom always have good line connectivity and wide coverage, being tied up two years contract with celcom is not a big problem. Paying by installment can really solve financial constraints problem.

    • Kathy

      That means it requires an at least RM243 per month? Maybe I gotta reconsider if I should get this plan thoroughly

  • Kathy

    Oh I see, if I get the First Gold Plus, that means roughly around RM2500 for S8 and RM2800 for S8 plus, still affordable I think

    • Yenny chong

      Its is advisable for those who cannot afford to pay in a lump sum to sign up for this package. This is because there will be some exemption of upfront payment for existing celcom users .

    • kallyiant03123

      Yeap, but the accumulation of the continuous payment for installment will end up much more higher than the original cost incurred.

    • yingwei

      Actually it depends on different people because different people will have different perspective regarding this matter. when paying the monthly installment, no extra interest would be incurred, u can get the latest phone instantly and there will be no complex and troublesome procedure. So no worries ya.

    • Kathy

      Yes, in my opinion, I will prefer installment also since I won’t need to take so much of money out in a sudden

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