Free Google Home Mini for Spotify Premium Family accounts

Limited time offer, starting 1 November 2018
Spotify Google Home Mini
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Here’s another great reason to be a Spotify customer. If you’re the account owner on the Spotify Premium Family plan, then you’re in for a treat. Starting from 1 November 2018, as part of a partnership with Google, Spotify is giving users a Google Home Mini.
There are two caveats (you didn’t think there wasn’t did you?). Firstly, you’ll need to be in the US. Secondly, you’ll need to sign up on 1 November through this link. The Spotify Premium Family plan costs USD14.99 per month, for up to five people residing at the same address.

I see it as a strategic move by Spotify against the likes of Amazon with its Amazon Music service and Echo devices. Spotify is a Goliath compared to Amazon’s own music service, but it’s not to be underestimated especially with the growth of the Alexa-powered ecosystem.

As of September this year, Spotify has over 180 million monthly active users, with access to a catalogue of over 35 million songs. 83 million are paying subscribers. The service is available in over 65 regions across the globe. The leading music streaming service currently holds 40 percent of the global music streaming market.

A recent report from market research firm MusicWatch revealed that subscribers of services like Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music are 240 percent more likely to use a smart speaker or personal assistant device compared to those who don’t pay for music.

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Perhaps Spotify is “sowing the seeds” to reap the benefits later.

By the way, the free Google Home Mini is a limited time offer, so make sure you sign up tomorrow.

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