Own a DJI Spark with a flying brown bear

DJI Spark Line Friends
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What’s cooler than a drone in the air? How about a drone in the air with a brown bear on it? Leading drone makers DJI has partnered with LINE Friends to launch its first ever characterised drone – the LINE Friends (Brown) Spark RC Combo.

The Spark drone as you know is an easy-to-use, fun-to-fly mini drone that can be launched from the palm of your hand to capture photos and videos on the go.

The LINE Friends (Brown) Spark drone is exactly like a regular DJI Spark, but now comes in brown (what else?) with the Brown the bear’s face plastered on the top.

DJI Spark Line Friends
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The great thing about the Spark is that it’s tiny enough to fit in almost any bag, and is ever-ready to shoot 12MP photos and 1080p stabilised videos, thanks to its two-axis mechanical gimbal.

It’s also a super easy to fly because of its obstacle sensing system and automated flight modes. It’s also the first consumer drone that you can control by hand gestures alone.

There are nifty features like QuickShot that automatically creates a 10-second video from your flight, ready to share on social media.

Also, it comes with features like TapFly and ActiveTrack, also found on other DJI drones.

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LINE Friends is one of the fastest growing global character brands, a subsidiary of mobile messenger operator LINE. While LINE itself is mostly popular in Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan, its merchandise line (pun intended) is more far-reaching. LINE Friends is sold in 108 countries.

Brown is a popular character in the LINE chat app, found as emoji and stickers.

Price and Availability

The US retail price of the LINE FRIENDS (BROWN) l Spark RC Combo, including an aircraft, one battery, three pairs of propellers, a remote controller, two RC cables, one USB charger and one Micro USB cable is USD399 (MYR1,628).

The product will be available for order at the four DJI Flagship Stores and store.dji.com for North America, China, Hong Kong and Korea markets.

For more information on the LINE FRIENDS (BROWN) l Spark, please visit:

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