Busted ankle. Down but not quite out.


Futsal night ended in a bit of misery (and lots of pain thrown in for good measure!) on Wednesday night. Just a minute after scoring a goal, while in pursuit of the ball in possession of my Spanish opponent, my left ankle got caught in an awkward position when I changed direction. Heard some unpleasant crackling and popping before I fell to the ground. I laid down grabbing my left leg, stunned for a minute or two. The rest of the playing gang surrounded me, thinking I had leg cramps initially. Needless to say, the pain was excruciating. Ankle swelled up as big as a fist.

I was lifted out of the pitch by my cousin Ivan (who complained I was heavy!) and Hon, my colleague.

The ankle swelled more as I rested. ‘Iced’ it down with a sufficiently chilled can of 100 Plus and some Deep Heat muscle pain relief spray I got hold of. Felt much relief after.

Pain when I got out of bed the next day was a big ‘Owwwwww’, for lack of better word. Stiff as hell, I limped to the loo. I took a day’s off to get my ankle checked out. Paid a visit to my favourite traditional physio in Paramount Garden in the morning. He looked at my ankle then at me and said “Futsal?”. Heh. He knew. “Everyday, I get people coming in here with injury from futsal.”

Crack. A very audible crackling from my ankle quickly translated to a very audible “OWWWWWWW!” from me as the physio popped my ankle back into place. He placed pressure on the painful bits and I could have cried. Painful.

Had him look at my right ankle which was painful due to stress. He laughed. “Both ankles! Hah, young man!”

I limped out of the clinic, both ankles bandaged. Got some stares too.

My ankles were in pain, but I think the thought of missing the R3 Time Attack Challenge 2dot6 2006 over the weekend in Danga Bay, Johor was even more painful. Points scored from the 1st edition R3TAC 1dot 6 in Shah Alam last month put me in a good 4th place in the championships. Partner and fellow TTR team-mate Stanley lies in 5th. I had to pull out, in disappointment, leaving Stan with my car flying the TTR flag.

Sad, but such is life eh?

AT - Trapo

By Vernon

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7 replies on “Busted ankle. Down but not quite out.”

hhmm…mebe it’s time to “retire”..:P

crutches will do u wonder till yer ankle heals….need a pair??..:)

Injured – AGAIN? May I suggest that you stick to something less hazardous to your health… cross-stitch? (ahem!)

when joe told me he twist his ankle n i shake my head disbelieve n he told me you too… omg…

oh dear, get a really thorough treatment ya, or else when rainy days u will know.. aheh ^_^

get well soon!

ninja_iga says:

well, it wasnt all in vain i hope. I managed to win 2nd place in Hung class!
i dedicate this win to Verne, who’s my generous buddy who lets me race his Satria R3.
i had a great weekend!
thanks buddy!


shan + chloe,

thanks for the well wishes. getting better as we speak 🙂


knew you could do it man. as i always tell you, all you need is focus 🙂 congrats, you deserve the win!

ouch ouch ouch. cracking and popping sounds. i can even picture the pain.

get well soon!!

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