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Garmin rolls out Tacx indoor cycling trainers and rollers

If you’re a cycling enthusiast or a pro cyclist, Garmin Malaysia has a new range of products that promises a one-of-a-kind cycling experience. Tacx is a revolutionary range of indoor cycling trainers and rollers, including the latest flagship Neo 2T Smart, Flux 2 Smart, Flux S Smart, Antares, and Galaxia roller trainers. The Tacx range is now available in Malaysia.

Since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), people have resorted to exercising from home. The new Tacx range offers a unique cycling experience that replicates real outdoor riding. The trainers are also equipped with advanced features such as virtual gear shifting, integrated display, and more.

Neo 2T Smart

The top-of-the-line Neo 2T Smart is engineered to simulate an outdoor ride as realistically and quietly as possible, featuring a redesigned motor, enhanced performance analytics.

The Neo 2T Smart runs quiet thanks to redesigned magnets that reduce noise and vibration during use.

The new motor delivers more power and generates higher resistance levels while measuring data accurately within one per cent.

Capacitive left and right sensors that accurately measures leg position help cyclists improve their power distribution and cycling performance.

That aside, it features standard ANT+ cycling dynamics to allow riders to analyse their pedal stroke via third party software, including software on Garmin Edge bike computers.

It will react instantly to speed or incline changes and also features dynamic inertia, which controls a rider’s mass inertia. During a ride, descent simulation accurately imitates a downhill drive. Additionally, the new pedal stroke analysis feature analyses rider’s pedaling technique and helps them develop a more effective pedal stroke.

With a redesigned rear axle, the Neo 2T Smart is compatible with even more bikes, without the need for adapters.

Lastly, it offers the option to connect to the mains. When not connected, it will generate its own energy and is powered when it’s cycled on.

Flux 2 Smart

A step down from the Neo 2T Smart is the Flux 2 Smart, one of the most quiet, realistic, and accurate bike trainers available.  Measuring data accurately within 2.5 per cent, the unique motor design allows for a maximum sprint resistance of 2,000 watts and can simulate climbs up to a 16 per cent incline.

The Flux 2 Smart also features dynamic inertia which compensates for weight, speed, and angle of inclination to simulate the most realistic ride as possible.

Flux S Smart

The Flux S Smart is a quiet drive trainer that features a heavy flywheel for a realistic ride feel. Measuring data accurately within 3 per cent, it is designed to provider power, speed, and cadence measurements. To train for big climbs, the Flux S Smart realistically simulates inclines up to a 10 per cent gradient and powers sprints up to 1,500 watts.

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Antares and Galaxia roller trainers

The Antares Roller Trainer is suitable for all bikes with wheel diameters ranging from 26 to 29 inches.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Roller Trainer has a unique swing system that allows for absorption of forward and backward accelerations, ensuring the bicycle does not ride off the rollers. It is also retractable to 80cm.

Tacx Training App

The Tacx training software is designed to make riding feel as realistic as possible. Riders can take on the virtual worlds of Zwift to experience “real” road feel. This gives riders the feeling of riding on different surfaces, like cobblestone and gravel.

Riders can stream a large collection of high-quality films (a Tacx Premium or Premium HD subscription is required) and experience their favourite courses.

They can experience the famous classics, live opponents, 3D map rides, structured workouts, and more.

What’s more, users can create or upload GPS data from an Edge cycling computer, or by linking a Strava account. The app will then create a 3D map ride.

There are limits where cyclists can train.

Performance insights are shown in real-time on-screen. This data can be accessed afterwards for post-ride performance analysis.

That aside, cyclists can also race against friends who are riding the same course or select previous rides and use them as a virtual training partner.

The Tacx Training app is available on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. More information on subscriptions and pricing here.

Pricing and availability

The Tacx series is available now at all Garmin stores and authorised dealers.

  • NEO 2T Smart MYR6,699.00
  • Flux 2 Smart MYR4,199.00
  • Flux S Smart MYR3,499.00
  • Galaxia Rollers bike trainer MYR1,299.00
  • Antares Rollers bike trainer MYR999.00

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