Apple iOS 6 Brings Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

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The iOS 6 update has made wireless “less” possible on iOS devices.

Since the big launch of iOS 6 with the iPhone 5, there has been been well-documented bugs and problems with the update. As if not enough to plague the sixth iteration of Apple‘s mobile OS, brave yourselves to another – basic Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

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There are currently several sites and discussion forums reporting on this issue. Users have been complaining of slow internet connectivity, lost of internet connectivity and other issues. On Apple Discussion Forums, there are over 1oo pages on Wi-Fi issues alone.

One of the issues reported by users is the option for Wi-Fi is greyed out in System Preferences on their iPads. Resetting the iPad did not solve the issue. Issues were non-existent prior to the upgrade to iOS 6.

Another issue relates to problems connecting with Netgear routers.

Downgrading back to v5.1.1 seems to be the only fix at the moment, as there is still no official word nor fix by Apple at this point.

For users experiencing slow internet connection speeds on iOS 6, OSXDaily has a temporary solution for this via a manual DNS setting.

On our end, we have not had any Wi-Fi nor internet connectivity issues since upgrading to iOS 6 on our iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Any issues on your end? Do let us know.


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Image: CNET


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my 4s will not log onto sites that require a web page to be filled out before you can get the internet. it only goes to reports of apple fixing this issue are greatly exaggerated.

Encountered my first Wi-Fi-related problem today trying to connect my iPad 2 to a Wi-Fi network at a cafe. It’s connected but no internet access. iPhone 4S connected without issues. Both on iOS 6.

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