Apple Looking Into Camera Gesture Techniques and Technology

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IA - Lazada
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Apple’s Next BIG thing? Image credit: Apple

Apple, one of the world’s most patented companies, is adding more to its portfolio, this time – a camera gesture technique which could come in handy for future upgrades in its stable of mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad).

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The seven patents filed last week involve introducing gesture-based controls to improve the image capture experience, and also techniques to improve image quality. Highlights include:

  1. Techniques and technology to prevent red-eye in image
  2. Image filters
  3. Applying “location-base distortions” to image processing
  4. Assisted image capture
  5. Red-eyed removal using multiple recognition channels
  6. Replacing red-eye artifact with a “photographically reasonable result” based on the type of red eye occurring.
Will these be killer features in future iterations of iOS? We’ll wait and see. We will never really know in the world of Apple, will we?

Source: CNET, Patently Apple


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