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Lightning? Power outage? No problem. You’ll never strike out with an APC Easy UPS


Did you know that there are so many factors that can cause disruption to your power supply? I recently learned that shared circuits overloading, motor loads shutting down, operator errors, and natural causes such as lightning are all factors that can lead to your power abruptly shutting off and causing irreversible damage to your equipment!

With Malaysia having one of the highest lightning activities in the world, keeping your devices protected and having a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) is definitely something everyone should consider having in their offices or households – now a necessity more than ever with a majority of us currently working from home.

Often overlooked (or plainly not taken seriously), it’s a small investment that will save you a lot of time and headache trying when disaster strikes. Much like insurance, you never really appreciate it until you need it. While all these situations mentioned above are often sudden and unexpected, there is one way you can make sure you are always in control.

Just last month, I shared a post about the APC Back UPS Pro BR 650VA; now I’m currently trying out the APC Easy UPS SMV 1000VA.

The UPS regulates the power suited to your devices so that you have an additional 5-10 minutes to save your work, back up your files, and properly shut down your devices to avoid any damage. It comes with four universal sockets and an LCD panel that will alert you during a power outage and indicate when it is in back up mode.  

The APC Easy UPS SMV 1000VA is basically a battery strapped to surge protectors and is charged via your wall outlet and switches to battery power in case of a sudden power loss.

Key Features of the APC Easy UPS

Whether you’re like me, or whether you’ve started working from home this year, you need to consider getting the APC Easy UPS SMV 1000VA. Among its key features include:

  • The APC Easy UPS can detect the type of device plugged in and regulate voltage levels that are suitable for your equipment
  • Able to charge your mobile devices and tablets through two USB Type-A charging ports
  • Six battery backup and surge protected UK 3-pin outlets to keep your most important equipment running
  • Regulates voltage levels so that your equipment is safe from surges that can damage your devices

What I like most about this APC Easy UPS is the ability to preset various UPS commands to perform repetition of tasks automatically. In event of power outage or abnormality, the monitoring software known as UPSCAPO is capable of automatically alerting the user via email and perform a proper shut down. Can you imagine going out for lunch and suddenly there’s a thunderstorm and you left your computer on? There is no way you could have rushed back in time to properly shutdown the computer.

This is by the far my favourite feature of the APC Easy UPS, which gives me peace of mind when I’m not at home.

In summary, the APC Easy UPS is easy and straightforward to setup and use. It offers protection for your devices such as your desktop PC, tablet, smartphone, printer, networking devices, and more. Damaging or losing a computer or device is one thing, the cost of losing data is another. In my line of work, data is everything and it is paramount for this to be protected and secured at all times.

If you have PCs and other electronic devices at home or in the office, I’d highly encourage you to integrate a UPS into your setup.

With a UPS, your devices are not only protected, but you have peace of mind knowing you’re always connected and #AlwaysOn during most critical moments. Get your very own from the official Schneider Electric Shopee and Lazada flagship store!

This post is brought to you exclusively by Schneider Electric

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