Another Reason to Love the Pebble Smartwatch: Support for iOS 7 Notification Center

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The cult-favourite smartwatchPebble may have just fired another salvo at its competition, it now natively supports iOS 7 Notification Center. The record-breaking Kickstarter success story has since seen 190,000 total orders with over two million app and faces downloads.

Pebble’s new iOS 7 notification integration takes full advantage of the new mobile operating system’s improved Bluetooth communication. Pebble will get instant notifications from your paired iPhone.

Together with the announcement, Pebble also revealed SDK 2.0, which adds new features and bug fixes to enhance app development. Popular apps like Foursquare and GoPro are partnering Pebble to develop apps on the platform. There are currently over 10,000 Pebble developers worldwide.

The possibilities are endless. Check in on Foursquare from Pebble, control your GoPro camera from Pebble and so much more.

SDK 2.0 features a new accelerometer API which developers can take advantage of to read and store raw motion data and use it like a fitness tracker. Think Fitbit or Jawbone UP.

Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky says they are working on a wearable app store, something non-existent in the market today. The company is said to be trying to build a viable incentive model where developers can make money from their apps.

The smartwatch market is in its infancy, but already we’ve seen Samsung and Sony giving it a go in a big way, with tech giants Google and Apple rumoured to be working on their interpretations of the wearable device as well.

Pebble can currently be purchased directly online with free shipping globally at, or at Best Buy and AT&T stores in the US. The smartwatch retails at US$150 (approx. RM480).

Source: Pebble Blog

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