5 Logi-cal types of Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll earn you brownie points

Logitech X50
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And yes, it’s also a tricky time figuring out what to buy for that someone special. While premium chocolates and/or red roses are lovely, they’re also a tad… predictable. The awesome people at Logitech want you to find that perfect gift, for the right type of person. So, they’ve come up with a little list to help you out.

Logitech K400
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The couch potato

It can’t get more lovey-dovey that cuddling in front of the TV watching re-run of Friends (or the Walking Dead, if that turns you on). So, the Logitech K400 Plus keyboard is perfect for ultimate couch potato marathons. It’s designed for laid-back control, to navigate any TV-connected computer. Setting up the K400 Plus is a breeze too. Just plug in the Unifying receiver into a USB port, and off you go. Netflix and Chill, literally.

The busy bee boo

If your partner is the type who carries multiple devices at a time, and constantly juggling between work and play, then the Logitech K380 is a match made in heaven. This comfortable keyboard brings convenience of desktop typing to any connected smart device. It works on multiple operating systems and the cool thing is, it’s light and compact enough to carry around  without a sweat (it weighs just over 400g).

The music lover

Short of making music together (ahem), there’s nothing more beautiful than giving the gift of music. If your boo’s a music aficionado, then the Logitech X50 should be music to his/her ears. Measuring no bigger than a standard can of tuna, the X50 can pump up some serious volume. It comes with rechargeable batteries that delivers up to five hours of continuous play on a single charge.

The gamer

Impress your gamer partner with the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum. The sleek, sexy black gaming headphones was designed by Logitech’s sound engineering team. Expect a superior all-round audio experience whether you’re busy fragging, burning rubber or listening to Spotify. It’s also fully customizable and features RGB lighting and programmable G-keys.

The Apple fanboy

Your partner’s a diehard Apple fan? Get the Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector for iPad Pro. Sleek, stylish, the keyboard case is truly mind-blowingly intuitive. There’s no need for Bluetooth pairing or charging, thanks to the Smart Connector. Just set your iPad Pro into typing position and away you go. The presence of the Smart Connector also means you’ll never need to charge the keyboard externally. How awesome is that?

So there you go. Logi-cal, awesome gifts for different types of people. Which one’s your partner’s?

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