Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum: Pure performance RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Logitech has expanded its mechanical gaming keyboard lineup with its new Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum. The RGB mechanical gaming keyboard features Logitech’s own acclaimed Romer-G mechanical switches which offers 25% faster actuation than standard mechanical keyboards. The new performance-bred keyboard also packs customizable RGB lighting and dedicated media controls.

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5 Logi-cal types of Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll earn you brownie points

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And yes, it’s also a tricky time figuring out what to buy for that someone special. While premium chocolates and/or red roses are lovely, they’re also a tad… predictable. The awesome people at Logitech want you to find that perfect gift, for the right type of person. So, they’ve come up with a little list to help you out.

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Malaysians are changing the way they work: Online poll reveals 70% of us work while on-the-go

Have you ever found yourself working from somewhere other than your office cubicle? Like that time you answered work emails whilst down at the bistro with friends for your usual Friday night catch up? How about that time you frantically rushed off an important report from the nearby café because the Wi-Fi at work failed you yet again? If the scenarios above struck a chord, it could be that you are one of many Malaysians with an ever-changing work habit, and whose regular routine may not necessarily even involve stepping into the office. Continue Reading

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[Review] Logitech Type+ for iPad Air: Ultimate typing experience for the iPad

The popularity of tablets may have dwindled in the past 24 months, but some consumers still look to them as great content consumption and notebook replacement devices. The iPad, which defined the category, is still a favourite and the de facto tablet in terms of market share and sales. Whilst tablets in many ways can serve as replacement devices for notebooks, they do have their limitations. Let’s face it, while the touch keyboard is adequate (and the iPad, IMHO has the best), it still falls short compared to a conventional, physical keyboard. When you need to get real work done, that is. Continue Reading

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